Making Battery-Charging Convenient | Escapod’s New Standard: Introducing The NOCO Genius-10 Precision Battery Charger

Making Battery-Charging Convenient | Escapod’s New Standard: Introducing The NOCO Genius-10 Precision Battery Charger

The Escapod TOPO Series trailer is designed to get you out into the wild and to your next adventure at a moment’s notice. That means having batteries that are quick to charge and ready to go at all times. Which is why we are making the NOCO Genius-10 Precision Battery Charger and the NOCO Shore Power Port standard for all TOPO Series trailers ordered in 2021.

Why we love it

Before introducing NOCO, you had to access your batteries directly and use clunky alligator clips to charge up. When it’s rainy and cold outside, going outside to fumble with your batteries and charger is last thing you want to do. Now, with NOCO, you can simply plug an extension cord from any 110-volt outlet into the sleek waterproof port, built right into the side of your trailer. Charging batteries has never been easier!

Charging your batteries with NOCO is as easy as two simple steps:

  1. Remove the waterproof cap on the NOCO Power Port and plug in any extension cord.
  2. Turn on your NOCO Battery Charger (located on the inside or your trailer’s headboard) by pressing the center button until the icon for your battery type (12-volt, AGM, or 12-volt Lithium) lights up. 

That’s it - you are now charging! We know, we are having trouble believing how simple it is ourselves. 

NOCO Genius-10 Precision Battery Charger & Shore Power Port

NOCO’s trickle charge technology allows you to leave your batteries plugged in without having to worry about overcharging them (yes, that can happen). The Genius-10 also has an integrated thermal sensor that detects surrounding temperatures and alters the charge to eliminate overcharging in hot climates or undercharging in cold climates. You no longer have to hang around while your batteries charge or have to guess if they are fully charged. The Genius-10 does the work for you!

How much does it cost?

We are proud to announce all trailers ordered in 2021 will come equipped with the Genius-10 and power port! For all trailers ordered in 2020, the Genius-10 is a highly recommended add-on for all the reasons mentioned above. 

The benefits of NOCO don’t stop at ease of use and convenience. With quickened charging times, extended battery life, ability to charge dead batteries as low as 1-volt, and built-in sulfation and acid stratification detection, we believe the Genius-10 is a no-brainer and think you’ll agree! Priced at just $200, the Genius-10 is well worth its cost.

If you are ready to pull the trigger on the NOCO Battery Charger, head over to the Order Now page.