A teardrop trailer being towed by a grey Toyota through a sagebrush terrain.

Planning Your Maiden Adventure

By Madison StamenSeptember 10, 2021

Northern Utah is a camper's ultimate playground. From established campgrounds to tucked away hideouts, this area’s got it all. When you pick up your Escapod, you’ll have no shortage of camping options, but we know that can lead to overload, so we’re here to narrow it down.

Established Camping

If you want to camp, but still want access to amenities, you’ll want to stay in an established campground. These campgrounds usually have bathrooms, fire rings, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and drinking water. Established campgrounds typically require a little bit of planning as you’ll most likely have to reserve a campsite in advance. Sometimes they do have first-come-first-serve sites available.

1. Mt. Timpanogos Campground

A white and red teardrop camper, in a remote area with trees and mountains in the background.

In the Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness

Situated just minutes from Sundance Resort and an hour from Escapod is Mt. Timpanogos Campground. Nestled amongst an array of aspen groves, pine forests, and mountain meadows, this campground is sure to take your breath away. There is phenomenal hiking and mountain biking both on Mt. Timpanogos and at Sundance Resort. If you happen to be there on a Sunday, stop in for the incredible brunch at Foundry Grill. You can also go for a day trip to the Timpanogos Caves or check out Bridal Veil Falls.

Cool fact: Timpanogos is the mountain range that inspired the topo lines on our TOPO Series trailer. It was one of the hikes that Chris Eckel & Chris Hudak did together as their partnership with Escapod was forming.

Downsides? Camping fees & people? We're stretching here...hard to come up with any downsides.

When? September 07, 2021 - September 26, 2021 (First-come, First-served) June 03, 2022 - June 09, 2022 (First-come, First-served) June 10, 2022 - September 05, 2022 (Peak Season - Online reservations highly recommended) September 26, 2021 - June 03, 2022 (Out of season - No booking available)

How Far? 1 hour (55 miles) from Escapod HQ

Fees? $26/night

Pets? Allowed. Respect leash laws where indicated.

2. Antelope Island State Park

A picture of a teardrop camper at Antelope Island State Park

Just north of Salt Lake City, Antelope Island offers gorgeous views of the Great Salt Lake and epic sunsets. It feels like you’re on the seashore, which considering it is an ancient seabed, I suppose you are!

There are some fun hiking & biking trails to enjoy out here but also great wildlife sightings. Bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, & pronghorn antelope (the fastest land animal in North America - they can run up to 70 mph!) have made this place their home.

Downsides? Depending on the time of year, you may encounter biting gnats (in late spring) or the smell of brine shrimp (late fall).

When? Open year-round. A really great option for those winter pick-ups!

How Far? 1 hour 15 mins (62 miles) from Escapod HQ

Fees? $20/night

Pets? Allowed. On-leash only.

3. Moosehorn Campground

A black teardrop camper with a red door parked in a dispersed camping site with a rooftop tent mounted on top.

There are numerous places to camp in the Uinta National Forest, but one of our favorites is Moosehorn Campground. The fishing is world-class in the Uintas, so you can try to catch your dinner in Moosehorn Lake! There are ample rainbow, brook, & cutthroat trout swimming in the waters. If you're looking for a more intense activity, check out nearby Bald Mountain for a fun and challenging hike!

Moosehorn Campground is at an elevation of 10,000 feet and summer temps range from 50-85 degrees and even colder at night! Be sure to bring some warm layers, even in the mid-summer months!

Downside? High elevation of 10,000 feet, may be a tough adjustment for those coming from sea-level.

When? July 01, 2022 - September 11, 2022 (First-come, First-served) September 12, 2021- July 01, 2022 (Out of season - No booking available)

Fees? $23/night

How Far? 1 hr 15 mins (50 miles) from Escapod HQ

Pets? Allowed. Respect leash laws where indicated.

Dispersed Camping

If you prefer the solitude of the backroads and don’t care for amenities, dispersed camping is for you. Dispersed camping is camping outside of established campgrounds on undeveloped land. This style of camping involves more preparation and knowledge as you will be completely self-sufficient (which is where your Escapod comes in handy).

1. Stansbury Island

A teardrop trailer parked at Stansbury Island (Bureau of Land Management)

Stansbury Island is the second-largest island in the Great Salt Lake. You'll find wide-open spaces, great sunsets, and really cool reflections off the salt flats. It's BLM land, so there are very few people, but it also means there are no facilities. It's a great spot to camp if you’re planning to stay in the Salt Lake area. This terrain offers a fun place to test the off-road capabilities of our trailers. Great option if you’re heading West after your pickup.

Downsides? No amenities! This could be considered a plus or minus depending on your perspective! Also, during hunting season, you'll want to keep your pets nearby.

When? Open year-round, but the best times would be April - November

How Far? 1 hr 30 mins (86 miles) from Escapod HQ (west of Salt Lake City)

Fees? None! Thankful for our public lands!

Pets? Allowed! And mostly free to roam, though you'll want to be mindful of hunters.

2. Pyramid Lake

A man in a green tshirt standing on a rock ledge overlooking Pyramid Lake

Nestled in the Mudrock Basin of the Uinta National Forest, sits the hidden gem of Pyramid Lake. Grab your fishing pole, hammock, or book. Pyramid Lake is the perfect way to kick back and relax in Mudrock Basin in the Uinta National Forest. The sun disappears early behind a steep mountain face that butts up to the edge of the lake, so remember your jacket!

Enjoy lakeside camping, but be aware you may have some neighbors on the weekends.

Downsides? No amenities!

When? Open year-round, but the best times would be April - November

How Far? 1 hr 20 mins (52 miles) from Escapod HQ (west of Salt Lake City)

Fees? None! 

Pets? Allowed and free to roam!

3. San Rafael Swell

Red rocks with sagebrush in the San Rafael Swell.

San Rafael Swell is a little bit further than the other options but it’s an Escapod favorite! The swell is a land of slot canyons, sandstone formations, petroglyphs, arches, and breathtaking panoramic views. BLM manages the land and lets visitors adventure completely ungoverned. Most people visit for first-class canyoneering, off-roading, site seeing, hiking, and of course, dispersed camping. A great option if you’re heading home to SoCal!

Downsides? No amenities! Weather can be extreme during certain months. The area is susceptible to monsoons, storms, and heavy rains during the late summer. Summer days are hot and winter nights are cold. Plan accordingly!

When? Open year-round, but you’ll get the best temperatures from March - May, and September - November. 

How Far? 4 hrs (232 miles) from Escapod HQ

Fees? None! Thankful for our public lands!

Pets? Allowed and free to roam!

We hope this helps you guide your decision about where to take your maiden adventure with your brand-new Escapod. If you still have questions, reach out to our team at [email protected] & we’ll get you sorted.

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