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Our Story

Escapod was born out of necessity. A need to escape the daily grind at a moment’s notice, to be unbounded by terrain and free to roam.

We believe that time is too precious to spend it tracking-down and packing-up camping gear. We wanted a compact home on wheels, always ready for our next adventure. The teardrop trailer seemed like the right solution, but nothing on the market checked all our boxes.

So, we designed and built our own.

Co-founded by husband and wife duo, Chris & Jen Hudak, the Escapod mission was simple: build the best damn camper known to man - a teardrop trailer that’s gentle on the eyes, rugged enough for the craziest adventures, and suitable for year-round fun.

Blending the concept of a sleeping pod with the thrill of an escapade, the Escapod name was formed. After fumbling our way through some napkin doodles, we refined & digitized the now-iconic “e” logo. In June 2016, Escapod was officially born when the first pods were built in our mom’s garage.

Today, Escapod has grown into one of the most revered producers of teardrop trailers in the US. Operating in 20,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, Escapod has struck a balance between creating a quality handcrafted product and managing an operating efficiency that meets demand. We are proud to say that, throughout our tremendous growth, we are still a privately owned business.

Our goal is to maximize our customer’s connection with the great outdoors by providing dependable, hand-built teardrop trailers that can be handed down for generations. Today, Escapod continues to build premium off-road teardrop trailers that enrich lives by delivering an uncompromised camping experience. Life’s demands may require you to change, but your adventure doesn’t have to.

To learn more about how Escapod is different from others, visit our "Why Escapod" page.


A craftsperson refining the materials used to create a teardrop camper.

Excellence matters. We’re not just building a teardrop trailer, we’re building an Escapod - your basecamp to connect with friends & family in the great outdoors. A job well-done means we can sleep better, and so will you.

We overbuild our teardrop trailers so you can rest easy in the confidence that they’ll handle anything you throw at 'em. We worry about it all so you never have to. Our trailers are built to support a community with adventurous ambitions, and a demand for uncompromising quality.


TOPO2 Voyager being towed by a Ford Bronco.

Life is more fulfilling when lived adventurously, and it’s a philosophy we’re compelled to share. Not deterred by the unknown, we’re committed to exploring what’s never been done in order to serve our mission to build the best damn camper known to man.

Every Escapod we build is ready for adventure with off-road-capable suspension and full-size wheels. We not only want to stand out in a crowd, but we want to be able to escape them - to explore the open spaces around us in order to connect more deeply with each other and the great outdoors.


A man in a red plaid shirt is retreiving salt and pepper from the spice drawer in the galley of the Escapod TOPO2 teardrop camper.

We’re often told that our product “has everything you need and nothing you don’t.” We spend countless hours refining our designs to make a pod that’s intuitive and enjoyable to use. That same philosophy is applied to our customer-experience from discovery to delivery.

We stress over every addition to our teardrop trailers, and just as importantly: everything we leave out. Always repeating our mantra “form follows function”, we work obsessively to create teardrop trailers that are easy to use - the ultimate expression of freedom through simplicity.


A team member working on the construction of a TOPO2, an offroad trailer.

We’ve never built the same trailer twice - and we mean this in the best way. Our team is constantly working to improve and if we can’t find an existing solution, we create one.


A storm gray TOPO2 being towed through California by a Bronco.

We say what we mean and do what we say. All Escapod shareholders from owners to customers to employees are treated with the same respect & consideration.

We believe that prioritizing our customer’s experience always leads to the best kind of success. While we don't always get everything perfect, we always strive to make everything right.

A green teardrop trailer parked in a desert landscape at sunset.
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