A TOPO2 rendering with the International Design award symbols for reddot winner and iF Design award winner.

TOPO2 Receives Two International Design Awards

By Chris EckelMay 15, 2023

Escapod Trailers is proud to announce that the TOPO2, our latest product, has won not one, but two international design awards: the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award. Winning these prestigious awards is a testament to our company's commitment to design excellence and engineering and reinforces our pursuit to 'build the best damn camper known to man'. You might be thinking, what’s the significance of these awards and why do they matter to our company?

Red Dot Award

First, let's talk about the Red Dot Design Award. Established in 1955, a design award jury met for the first time to evaluate the best designs. Flash forward to now, the Red Dot Award has grown into an international design competition with a team of jury members that recognizes design excellence across a range of design industries, including product design, communication design, and design concepts. They’ve even expanded to where three design museums that enchant visitors from all across the globe with award-winning products showcasing current design trends that have been the recipients of the Red Dot Award.

This year, the competition received nearly 15,000 submissions from all over the world, with only a select few of the best designs chosen to receive the highly sought-after Red Dot Award. Being among these design award winners is a testament to the exceptional design and innovation of our off-road teardrop trailer and places us among the best in the world.

The interior of the TOPO2 Cabin, a teardrop trailer, that features a queen sized mattress, tons of storage, A/C, heat, and a stargazer window.

iF Design Award

The iF Design Award is another prestigious global design competition that recognizes outstanding design across a range of award categories, including product design, communication design, packaging design, and architecture. For 70 years, the iF Design Award has followed six guiding principles when evaluating design projects:

  • Identifying, supporting, and promoting good design
  • Raising awareness of design among the general public
  • Helping companies integrate design into their long-term strategies
  • Safeguarding the role of design professionals and boosting awareness for this job
  • Driving social change through design
  • Supporting talented young designers and creating a platform for them

This year, the competition received over 11,000 entries of various design disciplines from 52 countries, and Escapod made it through two rigorous rounds of elimination to become a finalist in their design rankings before being awarded the coveted iF Design Award. Winning this award is a significant achievement that underscores our company's commitment to producing innovative and exceptional products.

Why Does it Matter?

Back to the initial question, of why does winning these awards matters to our company. Winning the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award is a recognition of the time, effort, and dedication we have invested in creating a product that is not only functional and capable but aesthetically in a class of its own. It sets us apart from our competitors and demonstrates that our off-road teardrop trailer is among the best in the world.

A green teardrop trailer parked in a desert landscape at sunset.

At the heart of our company is a commitment to designing and engineering world-class products. We believe that design work and engineering are the backbone of our company, and these design prizes reinforce that belief. They serve as a reminder that we must continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. We must continue to listen to our customers, understand their needs, and incorporate their feedback into our design process. By doing so, we can continue to build exceptional products that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

We are incredibly proud of these achievements of having an award-winning design and will continue to strive to build the best damn camper known to man.

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