A green TOPO2 fiberglass trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.

Escapod Trailers and RVs of America, South Carolina Forge a Game-Changing Partnership

By Jess VernonJune 06, 2023

The world of outdoor adventure just got a whole lot more exciting as Escapod Trailers and RVs of America, South Carolina, join forces in a new partnership. This collaboration aims to make the TOPO2 more accessible by bringing the extraordinary TOPO2 trailer experience closer to customers east of the Mississippi River. With the ability to order personalized builds and comprehensive trailer service offerings, outdoor enthusiasts now have even more reasons to embark on their dream off-road adventures.

Escapod Trailers: Crafting Rugged, Versatile Trailers for Unforgettable Adventures

Escapod Trailers has earned a sterling reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality off-road adventure trailers. Built to withstand any terrain, Escapod Trailers are the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking unmatched experiences in the great outdoors. Our flagship model, the newly introduced TOPO2, has garnered widespread acclaim for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative features.

The Escapod Headquarters building with our classic E logo on the front, where we build of our offroad trailers.
"We are thrilled to join forces with RVs of America, South Carolina," said Chris Hudak CEO of Escapod Trailers. "Escapod and ROA Off-Road in Duncan, SC are partnering to bring the TOPO2 off-road trailer East of the Mississippi. The TOPO2 is purpose built for the South East, with its advanced composite shell and temperature control systems designed to keep you comfortable when your campmates are not. When we were looking for the perfect partner in the East, we knew that ROA Off-Road was the perfect choice, their passion for sharing experience via YouTube and their amazing customer reviews make ROA Off-Road and Escapod a perfect match.”

RVs of America, South Carolina: The Authority in Recreational Vehicles and Trailer Services

With a focus on outstanding customer service and an extensive range of recreational vehicles, RVs of America, South Carolina, has become a trusted name in the industry. Their commitment to providing top-notch support has made them instrumental in connecting adventure seekers with their dream travel companions. The company's experienced staff ensures customers receive exceptional service and guidance throughout their ownership journey.

“Over two years ago when I first saw the Escapod in person I was blown away!” said Nate Oldroyd from ROA Off-Road “They truly stand out from any other teardrop camper on the market. From the incredible 4 season capability, the custom coil & shock suspension, to the beautiful & detailed craftsmanship, the TOPO2 is the king of teardrop trailers! Ever since seeing them in person we have begged Escapod to partner with ROA in representing their brand. The day has finally come! We are so excited to provide everyone on the East Coast the opportunity to view the gorgeous and rugged Topo 2 at our South Carolina Experience Center. We invite all of our East Coast friends to come and see for yourself why we are obsessed with the TOPO2!”

A Closer Look at the TOPO2: Ruggedness, Comfort, and Convenience Combined

The TOPO2 trailer, the latest addition to Escapod Trailers' lineup, represents the epitome of adventure on wheels. This remarkable trailer combines ruggedness, comfort, and convenience, making it the perfect companion for off-road explorations.

A teardrop camper with a rooftop tent mounted on top.

Whether it's conquering remote wilderness or embarking on an epic cross-country road trip, the TOPO2 ensures unmatched reliability and style. With its innovative features and durable construction, this trailer is a head-turner for outdoor enthusiasts.

Personalized Builds: Design Your Dream TOPO2 Trailer Closer to Home

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the ability for customers to order personalized builds of the TOPO2 trailer closer to their home base. No longer will adventurers need to make lengthy journeys to Escapod's Utah headquarters.

ROA Offroa

Thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by RVs of America's knowledgeable staff, customers can conveniently design a TOPO2 trailer tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This convenience and customization option opens up a whole new world of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts across the Eastern United States.

Comprehensive Trailer Service Offerings: Caring for Your Escapod Trailer

In addition to expanded availability and personalized ordering options, the partnership between Escapod Trailers and RVs of America, South Carolina, brings a comprehensive suite of trailer service offerings. Owners of both the Original TOPO and TOPO2 trailers can now benefit from RVs of America's unparalleled service capabilities. With their extensive experience in trailer maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, RVs of America will ensure that Escapod customers receive exceptional care for their prized adventure trailers throughout their ownership journey. Peace of mind and reliable support are just a phone call away.

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A Partnership for All Adventure Seekers

The partnership between Escapod Trailers and RVs of America, South Carolina, is a significant milestone in the trailer industry. This collaboration not only expands the reach of the remarkable TOPO2 trailer but also brings convenience, customization, and comprehensive service offerings to outdoor enthusiasts across the Eastern United States. With Escapod Trailers' exceptional craftsmanship and RVs of America's commitment to customer satisfaction, this partnership promises to elevate the adventure trailer experience for all who seek the thrill of the open road.

To learn more about Escapod Trailers and RVs of America, South Carolina, and explore their offerings, visit their respective websites at www.escapod.us and www.rvsofamerica.com. Get ready to take your off-road adventures to new heights with the TOPO2 trailer and the unwavering support of RVs of America, South Carolina.

Embark on your next great adventure and experience the ultimate freedom on wheels!

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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