A navy blue teardrop camper with a red door, parked in a desert lanscape.

The Path To TOPO2: Building Expansion Update

By Chris HudakJanuary 24, 2022

We know it’s been a while since we’ve given you an update on TOPO2. A lot has been happening here! The weeks have flown by, and we have some updates for you. In this blog, we will cover three key topics: our building expansion, improvements to the TOPO2, and its production timeline.

View the video below to hear our updates directly from me, Chris Hudak. You can also continue reading for additional details on our building expansion and the path to TOPO2.

Building Expansion

We’re currently working towards kicking off production in April. One of the gating items is our building expansion. We drew up plans and ordered the building back in the Fall of 2020, which didn’t arrive until this October. We started the site work and immediately found 3 unregistered petrol tanks from the 1940s that had leaked underground. After removing hundreds of truckloads of dirt over two months, we finally met the EPA’s standards for clean soil. A concrete foundation is in place and the steel structure is being erected currently. There are still many steps remaining to get this building complete. This includes pouring the concrete slab for the floor, installing the mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing. But, at least the hardest part of this process is behind us.

A blue sky winter day, with beams being set up to build a new manufacturing space.
A blue sky winter day, with structural beams being set up to build a new manufacturing space.
A blue sky winter day, with structural beams being set up to build a new manufacturing space with a crane.

Making TOPO2 Even Better

The driving force throughout this launch is our continual pursuit to build the best damn camper known to man. The TOPO2 is truly class-leading from its fiberglass construction to its interior finishes. Over the last few months of traveling and camping in the TOPO2, we have found ways to make it even better. Some of these refinements include adding subtle details like creating dimmable lighting in the cabin, developing an integrated magnetic mount for the showerhead, placing a light in the tongue box, and designing a dual shade and screen that comes standard for the giant stargazer window.

A light grey interior galley of a teardrop trailer, with a full sized sink and cutting board.
Rendering of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer, tongue box. A box that in perfect for storing gear and equipment

We are currently building the second TOPO2 prototype with several hundred changes from our first build. While it sounds dramatic, this highlights our quality standards and attention to detail. During this time our engineers are writing up the workflow processes for TOPO2. This will make it so that our craftspeople will have step-by-step instructions for how to build it. Additionally, the team is mapping out the production line so everyone will be able to hit the ground running when production begins.

Two men working together to solve an issue on a computer.
Two men working together to solve an issue on a computer.

We are working with so many complex and converging timelines. With this in mind, the production start date is yet to be set in stone. Our team is working hard to hire new team members, increase inventory, and create tooling. This way we will be able to move quickly and limit further delays!

If you have specific questions about how this may impact your build or want to have a one-on-one conversation with a member of the Escapod team, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Thanks so much for taking this journey with us! We are extremely excited to build TOPO2 for you and can’t wait to get you out on the trails.

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