A family enjoying some campsite games in front of their teardrop camper.

5 Ways the TOPO2 Makes Camping Better

By Jess VernonDecember 19, 2022

Camping should be a time to reset and get away from everyday life. But all too often it feels like a chore.

All the time you spend packing, prepping, and setting up, takes away from the time you have to enjoy the destination.

This isn’t what camping should be.

The TOPO2 is an adventure trailer that takes the complications out of any camping trip and gives your time back. Read on to discover the Top 5 Ways the TOPO2 teardrop trailer makes your camping experience better.

A family arriving to their campsite with their adventure camper in tow.

1. Makes Packing Easy

Loading and unloading your tow vehicle is a thing of the past. In TOPO2, everything has a dedicated space.

  • Pillows and blankets? Live right on your queen-sized mattress.
  • Kitchenware? Can be placed in the modular shelving in the galley
  • Clothes? Multiple large cabinets provide ample room for everyone’s clothes in the cabin.
  • Camping Gear & Extras? You’ve got your tongue box and headboard storage space for everything from camp chairs to backpacking gear.
The galley of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer, is fully stocked with all the necessities for a camping trip.
The headboard in the TOPO2 an adventure trailer, is put on display. Showing it has ample room for many things for a camping trip.

2. No Set-Up Required

You pull up to camp and your base camp is ready to go with all your camping essentials.

  • Your comfy bed is already made. No sleeping pad or sleeping bag necessary.
  • The kitchen setup is already ready to go with hot water on board.
  • Camp stove ready to cook your favorite camp meals.
  • Cooler or fridge/freezer filled with all your camping food.

It’s as simple as rolling up, unhooking your trailer, turning on your electricity, and enjoying your outdoor adventure!

3. Comforts of Home, Away from Home

No matter where you go with the TOPO2, you get to bring the comforts of home with you.

  • A comfy Queen-sized 6” memory foam mattress for a good night’s sleep.
  • Propane Heater to keep your cabin warm.
  • Onboard lights, both inside and outside your trailer.
  • A sink with drinking water to fill your water bottle and hot water to wash your dishes.
  • Shower to clean up after the activities of the day.

You’ll be staying in your own personal hotel room, with some views that can only be achieved with a lightweight offroad trailer - it’s glamping at its finest.

The sink is being used to wash all the dishes from camp in a teardrop camper.
A picture displaying all the storage in the TOPO2 (a teardrop trailer) galley.
Interior of a teardrop trailer, displaying the birch cabintery of the TOPO2.

4. Charge Your Devices Anywhere

With the TOPO2 you can still have your camera, phone, etc on board and keep them fully charged with your camper.

  • 2 wireless charging spots on Nightstands
  • 4 USB ports - 2 on each nightstand
  • 2 12V plugs (one in the cabin, one in the galley)
The nightstand in an adventure trailer on display, showing the wireless charging feature in the TOPO2,
A solar panel on the back of a teardrop camper in full display, soaking up all the sun.

Even with all these charging options, you don’t have to worry about draining your tow vehicle’s battery. The TOPO2 is rigged with its own battery setup:

  • 1 100 amphour lithium-ion battery (can be upgraded to two)
  • 140W Solar Panel to replenish your battery charge quickly

5. Camp in Any Condition

With TOPO2, you’ll be able to combat any weather that Mother Nature throws at you.

  • MaxxAir Fan or Dometic RTX 1000 A/C (upgrade option) to cool the cabin on those hot summer days
  • Aqua-Hot Gen1 hydronic heating system to keep the cabin toasty during cold weather
Dometic RTX A/C unit installed in a teardrop trailer for air cooling.
An image of the interior of a teardrop camping, displaying the heated mudroom in the TOPO2.

We know staying in the cabin of the TOPO2 all day isn’t always possible, even when the weather is rough.

One of our favorite cold-weather camping tips is to add an annex room to your awning, you’ll have a fully enclosed room off of your cabin where you can stand, move around and have ample space to set up a table to play games, eat meals, or both!

With all these camping hacks and more, your camping experience can be what it’s meant to be: an escape from reality. You can have more time to fully recharge from daily life, but don’t have to sacrifice comfort while you do it.

Let’s get out there & make the most of the time we have.

Build your dream trailer here: Build Yours.

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