Rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, displaying to composite monocoque body

TOPO2 Nomad: Simplifying Adventures, Emphasizing Essentials

By Jen HudakOctober 07, 2023

Husband and wife co-founders, Chris and Jen Hudak, started Escapod with a specific goal in mind. They wanted a teardrop trailer that was capable enough to handle rugged terrain and versatile enough to match any adventure. At the time, mountain biking was their vice. They designed and built a teardrop trailer to travel to various mountain bike races, giving them an insulated, comfortable place to sleep at night, outdoor cooking amenities, easy access to all of their gear, and the simplicity of having it all ready to go at any time.

Co-founders of Escapod, Jen & Chris, lounging with one of their original teardrop trailer builds enjoying mountrain views.

As Escapod grew and evolved, so too did their mission. Amidst the global pandemic, Escapod’s vision expanded to a desire to build the best damn camper known to man. That mission led the Escapod team to design the TOPO2 - a trailer truly designed to stand the test of time due to its innovative composite monocoque design. They loaded the TOPO2 with features making it one of the most capable trailers in its class.

However, the truth is, “best” is relative depending on who you ask. What features and functionality do you expect out of your trailer? What can you afford? What really matters in the long-term? Those questions led to yet another innovation. Introducing the TOPO2 Nomad: a new trim level for the TOPO2 monocoque body that aims to simplify your adventures by emphasizing the essentials.

The Nomad carries over 5 key elements of the existing TOPO2:

  1. Composite Monocoque Body: The most advanced composite construction on the market with an unmatched design aesthetic.
  2. Freeride Suspension: 23” of ground clearance with 5” of independent travel, the Nomad was built to tackle rugged terrain.
  3. Massive Stargazer Window: a 2.5’ x 5’ operational stargazer window in the cabinlets you connect to nature even with “inside”.
  4. 4-Season Usability: Full insulation throughout the trailer with no external plumbing, the Nomad is built for every adventure, every time of the year.
  5. 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Trust and quality assurance from Escapod without smoke & mirrors.

In addition, the TOPO2 Nomad not only has more storage, it has a more versatile storage design in the galley, cabin, and tongue box. Furthermore, by eliminating non-essentials, the overall base weight of the Nomad trim is several hundred pounds lighter at just 1650 pounds. Not to mention, you get all of this for a lower starting price of $33,990.

The TOPO2 Nomad was designed with our end-user in mind - a customer who is conscious of minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. It’s purpose-built to get you on the road both faster & lighter. In many ways, this trailer goes back to Escapod’s roots, delivering a trailer with everything you need and nothing you don’t. For those looking to customize their camping experience, the TOPO2 Nomad allows adventurers to incorporate camping gear they already own or to completely outfit it with offerings from Escapod. It’s also a family-friendly option with an expanded interior cabin space that can fit a child’s bed option (product not yet available).

Now let’s dive into some details.

The Galley:

The galley kitchen of the TOPO2 Nomad looks similar on the surface, but behind the curtain, quite a few things have changed. While the power system of the Nomad runs off of the same premium 100 amphour Expion Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the location of power system have moved. You’ll now find the battery(ies), battery charger, and fuse block behind the cooler drawer slideout. The master power switch and optional solar controller are located on the driver’s side of the cabinet face.

A rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, featuring the camp kitchen with jerry cans, YETI cooler, cutting board, and table.

Functionally, nothing changes with these systems, but this shift represents the reclaiming of the “utilities closet” space from the TOPO2 Voyager, as more storage space for the TOPO2 Nomad. The galley storage still boasts its modular design but now has approximately 25% more storage capacity for pots & pans, food storage, and consumables.

A rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, featuring the camp kitchen with jerry cans, YETI cooler, cutting board, and table.

Furthermore, the TOPO2 Nomad no longer has integrated plumbing but offers a versatile storage compartment with D-rings to tie down water jugs. If you don’t have a water system for your car camping setup that you already know and love, Escapod is offering the Dometic Go Hydration system complete with three (3) 11-L jugs and a faucet for ease of use. They’re also providing the GSI Pinnacle Pro camp stove, the industry’s thinnest high-performance two-burner stove (11,000 BTU), as an option. All of this nests seamlessly into the galley design, but preserves the option for you to repurpose gear you already own. This portability allows for easy transport of the stove or water while camping at more established sites.

The Cabin:

The cabin space of the TOPO2 Nomad brings a few changes while preserving the key features that made the TOPO2 cabin stand out from the beginning. The bed remains a true Queen-size 6” memory foam mattress. You’ll still see the nightstands with wireless charging and USB ports, the giant 2.5’ x 5’ operational stargazer window, dimmable LED overhead lighting, soft-touch headliner, birch accents, coat hooks and last but not least the mud room. So, what’s changed?

The TOPO2 Nomad cabin, featuring extended cabin space, and lots of storage.

The cabinet storage has been reconfigured and now comes with 30% more storage. There are two classic cabinets with doors along the driver’s side of the storage area. The rest of the storage is open, and designed to be used with packing cubes. Packing cubes allow you to easily pack items inside your home and effortlessly transport them into the pod for storage. Bungees secure everything in place while travelling and the open configuration makes it esy to find your gear when set up at camp. Smaller cubicles between the open shelving and closed cabinets are perfect for storging socks, underwear, toiletries, or diapering supplies for those young families among us.

The Tongue Box:

The tongue box is integrated into the monocoque body and comes standard on the TOPO2 Nomad. D-rings replace L-track as the mode of operation to secure bulk goods inside the tongue box. A small LED light allows you to see into the space at night to easily find what you need. Lastly, the overall storage capacity of the tongue box has increased

The TOPO2 Nomad, an adventure trailer with a molded tongue box.

The existing TOPO2 launched in June of 2021, will be rebranded as the TOPO2 Voyager. A distinct trim level that distinguishes itself from the TOPO2 Nomad. Meticulously designed for longer journeys filled with discovery, the Voyager includes integrated amenities (stove, sink, shower, heater, water tank, solar panel, crossbars, and awning) and true 4-season use that sets it apart from the competition. It remains the answer for travelers wishing to traverse vast distances while enjoying a heightened comfort level.

To check out all of the available options and upgrades for the TOPO2 Nomad, head on over to our interactive builder. Feel free to contact our team with any questions or give us a call at 435-625-0586.

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Rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, displaying to composite monocoque body
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