A photo with a family cooking in their TOPO2, a premium adventure trailer.

8 Signs You’re Ready To Ditch Your Tent for a Teardrop Trailer

By Madison StamenFebruary 20, 2023

Let's face it tent campers, there are some things you can’t avoid on a camping trip. Whether it's lousy sleeping conditions, unpredictable weather, or the lack of a dinette to cook a proper meal, tent camping can be a disaster. If you're tired of being sore, wet, and spending more time packing and setting up than actually camping, you may be ready to upgrade to a teardrop travel trailer.

Upgrading your tent to one of our TOPO2 off-road trailers will take your adventure to new heights and will give you back precious packing and set-up time, so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less doing the things you don’t. From the snowy slopes of Utah to the misty coast of South Carolina, wherever you and your trailer might be, you will have all the comforts of home along with you.

Need a little convincing it’s time to trade in your tent for an Escapod trailer? Here are eight tell-tale signs that you’re ready to ditch your tent for a teardrop trailer.

1. When you can’t handle making another packing list

TOPO2, a premium teardrop camper parked with the camp kitchen exposed and ready to cook.

Tent-campers, we know the parts of a camping trip that you dread the most: packing and setting up. How many times are you going to check and recheck your packing list before you hit the road and say to yourself, “I hope I have everything, there’s no going back now.”

When you're tent camping you have to worry about packing and setting up coolers, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows, pots, pans, and so much more. All the time you wasted packing and setting up could have been spent doing what you love the most, camping! After all, time is our most precious resource, so we should savor it!

In an Escapod camping trailer, with our well-designed floorplans, everything you need is packed and ready inside so you can pick up and begin your road trip at a moment’s notice. No packing is necessary and set-up is made easy.

2. When you don’t enjoy surprises from Mother Nature

The interior of a teardrop camper, displaying a queen bed, double doors, and a stargazer window

You won’t have to worry about weather conditions when you're camping in an Escapod camper trailer, cause we all know sometimes our weather apps lead us astray. If a surprise rainstorm happens to pop up you’ll be able to snuggle up inside your trailer with 42.5 inches of headroom on your queen-sized bed and indulge in a good movie.

Our unique cabinet doors fold out to create a perfect laptop stand for laying back and enjoying the show. Did we mention our kicking propane heater option? If you plan on taking your trailer camping in chillier climates, you can opt for the TOPO2 Voyager which comes standard with in-cabin temperature controls so you never have to leave the warmth of your bed.

On the flip side, you might take a trip to some warmer terrain like Arizona, where you could get caught up in a heat wave. Lucky for you all TOPO2 campers have a Maxx Air Fan standard, with the option to add an air conditioning unit. So no matter what weather you run into while camping in a teardrop trailer, you’ll never have to worry.

3. When another night of hotdogs and marshmallows isn't going to cut it

Cooking breakfast in a teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailers.

Sure roasting hotdogs over a fire is exciting and fun the first few times while family camping, but how many nights until the buzz wears off and you want a proper meal? When you are off-grid, there aren’t going to be any restaurants to save your grumbling stomach.

The TOPO2 Voyager galley is ready for gourmet cooking on the go. This dinette on wheels is equipped with a two-burner stove, 75-liter YETI cooler, sink, stainless steel countertop, and spacious cabinets that double as your table and cutting board, your meals will be uncompromising and just as delicious as you can make them at home.

Not to mention, your galley cabinet face can easily be transformed into your table to create the perfect dining area with a couple of camping chairs.

Already have a lot of our camp kitchen gear from all your previous camping experiences? The TOPO2 Nomad trim level might be the perfect fit for you. With additional storage space, you'll be able to bring along the water, stove, and cooler solutions you already own.

4. When you don’t have the energy to chase your tent across the campground

The wind is no friend to tent camping. We have all been there. We knew the weather forecast app predicted high winds but we couldn’t let that ruin our weekend camping trip. One gust of wind and before you know it, you are chasing your tent across the campground.

Escapod trailers are built to provide full protection from any and all elements. The TOPO2 Series body sits on top of a hand-welded 2” x 1” frame of steel. So yeah, it’s safe to say your trailer isn’t going anywhere in the next windstorm.

5. When the 1” Therm-a-rest isn’t cutting it anymore

As cool as “roughin’ it in a tent sounds, waking up with a stiff neck and back is a surefire way to put you in a bad mood and prevent you from doing the things you love. Our TOPO2 trailer comes equipped with a 6” memory foam queen size bed. Hit the hay after a long day’s adventure and wake up the next morning with a fresh and rested body ready to explore.

A woman wearing a green jacket and blue beanie opening the the stargazer of a teardrop camper.

The spacious sleeping area isn’t even the cabin’s best feature. All TOPO2 camper trailers have a 2.5’ x 5’stargazer window that opens so you can lay back and take in the stars from the comfort of your own bed.

6. When you don't want to set up your tent in the dark

We all try to make it to camp before the sun sets, but let's be real… our trips don’t always go according to plan. How many times have you had to set up your tent in the pitch dark? It is frustrating, cumbersome, and flat-out just not fun.

Setting up your Escapod off-road trailer is easy and simple no matter what time of day. You simply unhook from your tow vehicle and you’re all set! No need to hold flashlights or wear headlamps as our trailers come stocked with LED lighting on the inside and outside that will give your campsite plenty of light.

To learn about the full setup process, check out our YouTube Video User Manual to get all the tips and tricks.

7. When you don’t want to boil water for washing the dishes

Winter camping in an adventure camper, cooking a camp meal.

When you are camping in a tent, access to hot water isn't easy to come by. Your plates, bowls, and utensils can only handle so many days of marshmallow stickiness and burger grease drippings before they need a proper hot water scrub.

With our TOPO2 Voyager, off-road trailer, bring 21 gallons of clean fresh water and a sink along with you anywhere you go. Flip on the water pump and the Aqua-Hot Gen1 hot water heater of the TOPO2 trailer, and in seconds have piping hot water ready to start scrubbing your dishes.

8. When completely unplugging isn’t an option

Camping in an Escapod eliminates the need for bulky solar chargers, power banks, or noisy generators. Charge flashlights, phones, GPS units, and any other electronics you can think of with one of the two wireless charging ports, four USB charging ports, two 12V outlets, or the 140W Solar Panel that comes standard in all TOPO2 Series trailers. You’ll never have to stress about your battery percentage again.

No matter where you choose to go camping next whether it’s Oregon, New York, North Carolina, or your favorite National Park. It might be time to upgrade to the comfortable camping of a TOPO2 trailer. If you like to experience Head over to our Order Now page to start your build on a TOPO2 off-road trailer.

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