A navy blue teardrop camper being towed through desert landscape by a Ford Bronco.

Unleashing Adventure: Discover the Unmatched Value of the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer

By Jess VernonMay 31, 2023

Embarking on outdoor adventures and exploring the great outdoors has become increasingly popular in recent years. With this rise in popularity, the demand for travel trailers has also grown significantly. However, not all trailers are created equal.

In this article, we'll delve into the unparalleled value offered by the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer compared to larger camping trailers, large RVs, and motorhomes. From its compact size to off-road capabilities, from staying off-grid to its cost-saving features, the fiberglass TOPO2 proves to be a remarkable choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure.

1. Save Your Time: Streamlined Travel Experience

Time is one of our most precious resources, one that a dollar amount can’t ever compare to. Gone are the days of tedious tent pitching, cumbersome campsite arrangements, and tiresome gear organization. The Escapod Trailer empowers you to make the most of every moment by streamlining your travel experience from start to finish. Imagine effortlessly hitching up your trailer and hitting the road in record time, leaving the stress of time-consuming preparations behind.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and meticulously crafted details, the Escapod Trailer boasts a compact yet versatile living space floor plan that can be set up within minutes. No more fumbling with tent camping poles or wrestling with tarps – simply pull up, roll out your awning, use your jack to level, pop up your rear kitchen dinette and your basecamp is ready; transforming your cozy haven on wheels into a welcoming retreat. Enhance your camping experience by spending less time worrying about logistics and more time reveling in the beauty of nature.

A woman pulling out the YETI cooler drawer slide in her camp kitchen of her adventure trailer.

The time-saving benefits of the Escapod Trailer don't stop there. With its clever storage spaces and intelligent organization systems, packing and unpacking becomes effortless tasks. Purpose-built storage compartments in both the outdoor kitchen (including slide-outs for your stove and fridge), your sleeping area, and tongue box, keep your camping gear, supplies, and personal belongings neatly arranged, ensuring easy access whenever you need them. Say goodbye to digging through disorganized piles and say hello to functionality at your fingertips.

2. Go Further: Off-Road Capabilities for Boundless Exploration

The TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer boasts a tried and true independent Freeride suspension system and rugged off-road tires that come standard, allowing you to reach places that other trailers can only dream of. Its impressive 23" of ground clearance ensures that no terrain is off-limits, providing unparalleled off-road performance for your adventures. With the TOPO2 you can reach the unreachable with its off-road prowess.

Other companies will require that you add their off-road suspension and recommend upgrading your tires. Don't compromise for a standard torsion axle and sub-par stock tires when you can have the TOPO2 Freeride Suspension and beefy offroad tires as the standard.

Frame Rendering

Furthermore, the compact small size, lightweight, and length of the TOPO2 allow you to get off the beaten path, opening up a world of possibilities for your outdoor adventures. Whether you're navigating narrow trails or tackling challenging terrain, the TOPO2 is designed to deliver exceptional off-road performance for every camping trip.

3. Store it in Your Garage: Convenience and Ample Space

One of the standout features of the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer is its ability to fit into a standard 7" garage while still providing ample headroom and ground clearance. While other trailers may offer slightly more headroom, they often sacrifice the convenience of garage storage. With 48.5" of headroom from floor to ceiling and 23" of ground clearance, the TOPO2 strikes the perfect balance, ensuring your comfort without compromising its ability to fit it in a standard garage.

A moss green TOPO2, offroad teardrop trailer is parked comfortably in a standard garage.

Many HOAs won’t allow for a trailer to be stored outside and require them to be stored in a garage. If your trailer doesn't fit you’ll have to sacrifice convenience and fork up storage fees to keep it off-site.

4. Tow With The Vehicle You Already Own

With dry weights of 1650 -1920 lbs (our lightest models yet), the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer is lighter than many teardrop campers on the market. Because it's a lite small camper, your existing vehicle can tow it. This eliminates the need for a large towing vehicle - sparing you another car payment and saving you money on fuel.

A family arriving to their campsite with their adventure camper in tow.

Most mid-size SUVs and small trucks have a towing capacity higher than the 2500-pound limit that we recommend. Paired with our tongue weight of 250 pounds, you’ll be ready to hook up and hit the road.

5. Save Your Money

  • No Storage Fees:

Owning a TOPO2 allows you to bypass expensive storage fees. Its smaller size enables you to store it in your own garage, eliminating the need for external storage facilities. The average cost to store an RV/Trailer can vary from $84 to $400 a month depending on location, type of storage, and size of the trailer. Lucky for you, with the TOPO2 this is a cost you’ll be able to forgo. The TOPO2 comes in at 80.5” inches in height and can be tucked away in your garage for safe storage until you’re off on another teardrop camping adventure.

  • Better Gas Mileage:

The lightweight nature of the TOPO2, as well as its aerodynamic teardrop shape design, translates into better fuel efficiency while towing. By reducing the weight you tow, you can enjoy improved gas mileage, saving you money on long journeys unlike when you are out RVing.

The interior of the TOPO2, a teardrop trailer, with a true queen mattress, cabinets for storage, and more.
  • No Campsite Reservations Necessary:

Larger camper trailers often require advanced reservations at crowded campsites. The compact size and off-road capabilities of the TOPO2 enable you to explore remote locations, giving you the freedom to camp off-grid without worrying about campground availability.

  • No New Vehicle:

Unlike larger travel trailers, which often necessitate the purchase of a new, more expensive tow vehicle like a half-ton truck, the TOPO2 can be towed by your existing vehicle. This significant cost-saving advantage makes TOPO2 an attractive option for those looking to embark on outdoor adventures without breaking the bank.

6. Stay Longer: Off-Grid Capability for Extended Trips

The TOPO2 Voyager comes equipped with many standard features including a regenerative power system, a 120 A/Hr lithium-ion battery, and a custom-molded 140W solar panel on our base model. The TOPO2 Nomad comes with a 120 A/Hr battery with the option to add Solar to the build.

With this setup, you can recharge your power system and stay off-grid on your road trip for days or weeks on end. Enjoy the serenity of nature without the hassle of worrying about the power supply.

A green teardrop trailer parked in a desert landscape at sunset.

7. Reclaim Your Freedom, Embrace the Open Road

Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended cross-country adventure to National Parks, the Escapod Trailer is your reliable companion that optimizes every minute of your trip. Spend less time on the logistics and more time savoring nature's wonders, capturing breathtaking memories, and connecting with loved ones. It's time to reclaim your freedom, embrace the open road, and let the Escapod Trailer be your ultimate time-saving partner in outdoor exploration.

When it comes to choosing the perfect trailer for your outdoor excursions, the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer sets itself apart from larger fifth-wheel trailers and rv type recreational vehicles with its unmatched capability. From its ability to fit in a standard garage to compatibility with your existing tow vehicle, from the cost-saving benefits of a teardrop trailer to its off-road capabilities and off-grid staying power, the TOPO2 proves to be a superior choice as one of the best teardrop campers on the market. Embrace the freedom to explore the great outdoors with the TOPO2 Off-Road Trailer, where comfort, convenience, and adventure come together seamlessly.

MSRP for our standard built-out trailer TOPO2 Voyager is $43,990 and the essential-focused TOPO2 Nomad is $33,990 both with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Get yours today!

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