The interior of an adventure trailer, showing a beautiful stargazer window and queen sized bed.

Make Your Pod Your Home-Away-From-Home

By Shawna McGowanDecember 30, 2021

When you come to Coalville to pick up your Escapod, it will be ready for you to make your pod your home-away-from-home. Your pod will be rigged with the best features out there, but what’s a bed without sheets or a kitchen without a spatula? We know there’s a lot to consider, so we put together our favorite teardrop trailer must-haves for the cabin & galley to help you get your pod ready for life on the road!

Cabin Essentials

The inside of your Escapod is your place to reminisce on your day’s adventures, recover from crazy excursions, and hunker down in poor weather. Furnishing your cabin so that it's as comfortable and functional as possible is all a part of the fun.

The interior of an adventure camper, showing the birch woodwork for the interior cabin. construction.

For starters, you’ll need a queen-size bedding set along with some pillows and blankets. We love the Original Puffy Rumpl as a comforter because it’s warm & easy to clean. For added warmth & style, you can’t go wrong with a wool blanket!

Graphic for packing cubes to be used in a teardrop camper.

To keep things nice and tidy, we also recommend purchasing packing cubes. These are helpful for bringing clothes out to the trailer as you’re packing, keeping things organized so you know where to find items while you're on the road, and separating dirty laundry from your clean clothes as you spend time in the outdoors.

Graphic for a lap desk to be used in a teardrop camper.

If you like to work from the comfort of your Escapod bed, you may want to consider a table tray as well. It collapses down for easy storage when not in use and doubles as a great way to have breakfast in bed too!

Galley Essentials

The galley is where you’ll be whipping up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Both the Original TOPO and the TOPO2 galleys come standard with a stainless steel countertop, two-burner stove, Yeti cooler, fold-out table, and cutting board. The drawers and rear cabinets provide ample storage space for all your kitchen essentials. We recommend getting some basics that can live in your pod so you can get on the road quickly.

Graphic for silicone cooking tools to be used in the galley of a teardrop camper.

We recommend a set of simple silverware, a basic knife set with covers for the blades, and easy-to-wash silicone cooking tools, including a flipping spatula and tongs. A cutlery tray will keep everything organized! (If you want to take it up a notch, we recommend this magnetic camping set from Magware or this all-in-one utensil set.)

Graphic for a plate and cup set to be used in the galley of a teardrop camper.

You’re also going to need durable plates and cookware. We use metal dishes in our rentals, which can withstand pretty much everything you might come across. A set of nesting pots and pans fits nicely into the drawer or cabinets - keeping the galley nice and tidy.

Graphic a of a collapsibledish drying rack to be used in a teardrop camper galley.

One thing we always stock in our rental teardrop campers and recommend to everyone is a dishwashing tub! Pair it with some nature-safe soap and a reusable scrubby cloth, it makes for a quick-and-easy clean on your trips (it also all fits nicely in the cabinet behind the cutting board!) Our TOPO2 trailer does have an integrated sink, but regardless of the model you choose, it’s still nice to have a draining dish rack.

Galley: Extras and Upgrades

Now let’s talk about a few optional items to make your cooking experience more gourmet.

Graphic for metal spice containers to be stored in a teardrop camper.

A meal would not be complete without a little spice. There are a few different options out there for on-the-go spice containers. We like stainless steel ones for their durability. This set even comes with a carrying case to keep the spices contained when not in use!

Graphic for a stovetop percolator to be used in the galley of a teardrop camper.

If you're a coffee-lover, your biggest concern might be how to make a steaming cup o’ joe in the morning. A classic brew is easy to achieve with a stovetop percolator. Or you could opt for the Escapod founders’ favorite with a french press.

Graphic for cast iron skillet and pot to be used in a teardrop camper.

One nice thing about camping in an Escapod is being able to bring those heavier items along. We love using a cast-iron skillet for bacon in the morning or a cast-iron dutch oven to make some campfire chili for dinner. 

Graphic for a Hitchfire grill that can be mounted on the back of a teardrop camping and add additional cooking while camping.

And if you can’t bear to leave your grill behind, we recommend HitchFire’s Forge 15. It is a hitch-mounted grill with two burners and a swing arm to make it easy to access the rest of your galley while grilling up some burgers and dogs. This fits nicely in the side-hitch receivers on both the Original TOPO & the TOPO2.

We hope this sparks some inspiration for what you’d like to get for your pod. The best part about getting all of your necessities is that you have the freedom to customize it and make it truly feel like your home away from home.

Interested in other essential items for your Escapod? Be sure to check out our Amazon Storefront where we highlight other recommendations for enjoying life around the campsite, maintaining your Escapod, and towing with ease!

If you ever have questions, never hesitate to reach out to our PodPros - we’re always here to help!

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