A green teardrop trailer parked on the ledge in the desert. A blue mountain bike resting closely beside it.

How to Rent a Teardrop Trailer

By Jess VernonApril 05, 2022

Is camping in a National Park or State Park in a teardrop trailer on your outdoorsy adventure bucket list but you don’t have one of your own? Or are you looking to "try before you buy" to make sure a teardrop trailer is right for your lifestyle?

Here at Escapod, we've taken the hassle out of renting a teardrop trailer! Read on to learn how to rent a teardrop trailer so you can take a road trip of a lifetime.

What you'll learn:

  • How to select the best Escapod Rental setup for you
  • Hot to get your tow vehicle ready or how to rent one
  • Tips for planning your trip
  • How to enjoy your adventure, while following Treadlightly! Principles

First Things First:

So, you’ve decided you want to rent a teardrop camper, but where do you start? Escapod not only manufactures & sells teardrop trailers but also offers teardrop camper rentals! There are a few questions to ask to find the perfect camping trailer set up for you & your family:

How many people will you be bringing?

Most people believe that they need to have a luxury RV, popup trailer, fifth wheel trailer, or camper van to have enough space to enough their camping experience. But don’t be fooled, a TOPO2 can handle more than expected.

The TOPO2 is an Airbnb on wheels that can get you to places that an RV rental, popup trailer, motorhome, or camper van can’t go. The TOPO2 trailer has a queen-sized bed that fits two adults (+ a small child or furry friend) comfortably. That said, bringing along a few more people or the whole family isn’t a problem! You can add a rooftop tent to your rental to increase the sleeping capacity of the set up by another two adults or three children. This is a great option for a family of five or two adventure couples that want separate sleeping quarters.

When do you want to travel?

Here at Escapod, we have a rental fleet ready every camping season (April-October). With our premium off-road TOPO2 campers filling out the fleet, camping year-round is easy. The TOPO2 is equipped for 4-season camping with its standard propane heater on board to keep the cabin cozy at all times.

The rental cost of the TOPO2 trailer is $160 - $200 a night (two-night minimum) depending on seasonality. The TOPO2 comes standard with many features, like a heater in the cabin and a sink in the galley! We also offer a weekly discount of $25/night and a monthly discount of $50/night for our customers.

Once you're ready to book, head over to our rentals booking page to check availability.

Bring a Tow-Ready Vehicle

A navy blue teardrop camper being towed through desert landscape by a Ford Bronco.

One of the great things about our TOPO2 is it towable by most vehicles that are able to tow. In order to tow an Escapod, your vehicle needs to be set up correctly. Whether you own a tow vehicle or need to rent one, your vehicle will need a class III hitch receiver and 7-blade trailer electrical hookup. You’ll also want to check the vehicle's tow capacity to ensure it will be sufficient for our trailers! With a full water tank & rooftop tent, our TOPO2 campers weigh in at around 2,500 lbs.

If you don’t have a vehicle that can tow the teardrop you wish to camp in or don’t want to drive it all the way to Utah, all is not lost. You can rent a pickup truck or another type of tow vehicle for your adventure! You could fly into Salt Lake City, Utah, and rent a tow vehicle from Rugged Rental or Turo. Both companies provide options for vehicles with towing packages that are perfect for renting a pod.

If you don't want to tow the trailer but still want to enjoy the camping experience, another option is Redrock Base Camps. Redrock Base Camps are based in Moab, UT. They deliver the trailer (which is built by Escapod) directly to your camping spot. The trailer will be fully loaded for your stay and all set up, ready for your arrival! No tow vehicle is necessary!

Plan Your Trip

You’ve booked your teardrop, picked your travel days, and made sure you have a tow-ready vehicle. So the next question is: where should you go? Planning your camping trip is the best part!

You’ll want to determine how far you want to travel from your pickup and return point in Coalville, UT, then work it out from there. It will be helpful to use sites like Reserve America and Recreation.gov to look at campgrounds available all around the area! In addition, there are apps like iOverlander & The Dyrt that help locate remote camping areas that could be perfect for your expedition. All our trailers come standard with Escapod's proprietary Freeride Suspension, which will support any off-road adventure you choose! Whether you decide to stay in an RV Park or in a dispersed camping area, know that you’ll be camping in comfort.

If you are looking for some ideas our team also has some adventure ideas for you! Check out our blog, Where to Camp with Your Escapod to learn about dispersed and established camping options around our Escapod Headquarters.

Pick Up Your Teardrop Trailer Rental

Now it's time to officially pick up your teardrop trailer rental!

When you decide to rent directly from Escapod, our team will provide you with additional information upon confirming your booking to prepare you for your pickup. When you arrive, our renters get a full walkthrough to show you how to use the amenities of the trailer. Upon pickup, you’ll have peace of mind that you have everything you need for your road trip. The trailer comes fully stocked with linens for your queen-sized bed, a full propane tank, a galley kitchen cooking set, a cutting board, a first aid kit, a solar panel, and more! You can check out all of our standard features and amenities on our website: Escapod Rentals.

After the walkthrough of your fully-loaded trailer, our Pod Pros will help you hook up the trailer to your tow vehicle. Then you're free to get your vacation underway!

Have the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Now it's time to enjoy all the perks of an off-road teardrop trailer. If it’s your first time, be prepared to experience camping like never before! When teardrop camping, you’ll get to truly immerse yourself in nature. You’ll wake up to stunning scenery and breathe in fresh air while you enjoy camp cooking - it is an experience unlike any other!

Sheer rock cliffs tower behind a stream in Yosemite during the fall.

While you are out and about enjoying Mother Nature’s gifts on the open road, remember to be responsible to preserve these opportunities for future generations. At Escapod, we’ve partnered with Tread Lightly! and we strive to live by the Tread Lightly! Principles:

  • Travel Responsibly
  • Respect the Rights of Others
  • Educate Yourself
  • Avoid Sensitive Areas
  • Do Your Part

You can learn more about how to recreate responsibility by checking out Tread Lightly!’s website.

We hope this helps get you started on being able to rent the teardrop of your dreams and get you out on the vacation you deserve this camping season!

If you’d like to book an Escapod, you can always make your reservation on our site: Escapod Rentals. Feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions.

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