The TOPO2 Nomad, an adventure trailer with a molded tongue box.

TOPO2 Adventure Trailer: Which Trim Level is Right for You?

By Jen HudakNovember 16, 2023

In the world of road trips and camping adventures, teardrop trailers are regaining popularity as a great solution for a go-anywhere-anytime basecamp. The Escapod TOPO2 series of adventure trailers elevate the options. All TOPO2s are crafted with a unique monocoque body construction, the freeride suspension, and backed by an impressive 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Since we prioritize durability in our construction process all Escapod teardrop trailers are built to withstand the demands of any outdoor adventurer. But with two distinct options available – the Nomad and the Voyager – how do you decide which trim level is the perfect fit for your adventures? This choice is always a personal one and comes down to what you value most as a camper.

Let's explore 6 core values that can help guide you toward the best trailer for your needs.

1. Flexibility for Your Basecamp:

If you value the ability to perfectly match your trailer setup to any camp scenario, the Nomad is for you. Whether you’re going out on a solo-mission or bringing the whole family, venturing deep into the wilderness, or settling in at an established campground, the Nomad can seamlessly flex to suit your needs.

A rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, featuring the camp kitchen with jerry cans, YETI cooler, cutting board, and table.

With the Nomad, you can integrate your existing camping gear - think camp stove and water system, making it a versatile choice for camping with different groups or at various locations. Take your collapsible stove to the picnic table at your campsite or keep it in the galley if no picnic table is available. Refill removable water jugs on the fly, set up a dishwashing station anywhere it is convenient, and use the expansive storage space to bring along your

2. Simplify Your Camping Experience:

If simplicity is the name of the game for you, we have good news - both the Nomad & Voyager offer a simplified camping experience compared to your car camping woes. The Nomad screams simplicity with its no-frills build meaning less maintenance over the years and very straightforward use.

However, the Voyager stamps simplicity due to its minimal setup requirements. With all the features neatly integrated into the trailer, you need to do nothing more than switch a flip or press a button to access hot water, use the stove, run the cabin heat, and more.

3. Capability is the Name of the Game:

For those who demand a teardrop trailer that delivers the ultimate camping experience maxed out with features and conveniences, the TOPO2 Voyager teardrop trailer is your answer.

2 TOPO2 Voyagers parked on the beach

The TOPO2 Voyager comes fully equipped with a stove, sink, water heater, cabin heat, and more. It's the Swiss Army knife of teardrop trailers, ensuring you have everything you need for a remarkable camping adventure.

4. More Space in Your Teardrop Trailer:

If you have a growing family or require extra interior space for additional sleeping options and gear storage, the TOPO2 Nomad teardrop trailer provides the room and comfort you seek in your teardrop trailer. With open shelving, enclosed cabinets, coat hooks, space for a bunk, expanded galley storage, and extra room in the tongue box, the Nomad can expand to suit your needs.

5. Maximize 4-Season Comfort:

While all TOPO2 teardrop trailers are designed for year-round use, the Voyager takes it a step further by offering fully integrated heating and hot water onboard. If you’re looking to maximize comfort while camping year-round, the TOPO2 Voyager is right for you.

A TOPO2, an offroad camper, up camping at the Artic Circle.

6. Biggest Bang for Your Buck:

Both the Nomad and Voyager trim levels of the TOPO2 teardrop trailer series pack a ton of value. However, the Nomad requires a smaller initial investment with a base price starting at $33,990. If budget is one of your primary concerns, the Nomad is a great place to start. It’s a foundation that can continue to be added to or changed as your life’s demands evolve.


No single teardrop trailer is the best for everyone. Finding the right trailer is very much a personal choice, and both the Escapod TOPO2 Nomad and Voyager teardrop trailers provide fantastic camping experiences. Whether you value flexibility, simplicity, capability, space, 4-season comfort, or an attractive price point, Escapod's TOPO2 series offers a teardrop trailer tailored to your preferences. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors and create lasting memories with your loved ones, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your TOPO2.

So, which TOPO2 teardrop trailer will accompany you on your next adventure? Explore more about these teardrop trailers on Escapod's Interactive Builder to find the perfect fit for your outdoor journey.

Two TOPO2 Voyagers being towed by Bronco Nations.
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Two TOPO2 Voyagers being towed by Bronco Nations.
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