Cooking breakfast in a teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailers.

Why the TOPO2 is Different From Other Fiberglass Teardrop Trailers

By Jen HudakNovember 02, 2022

Let’s address the obvious: the TOPO2 isn’t the first fiberglass off-road teardrop trailer on the market. So what makes it different?

Fiberglass trailers have been built before, but not like this. Most others use composite as an outer layer or shell surrounding an internal skeleton made of wood, aluminum, or other composite materials. That internal skeleton is what provides other teardrop trailers with their strength, but doesn’t help to reduce weight. We’ve changed the game with our unique PET core.

Floor Rendering
TOPO2 Rendering

The patent-pending body of the TOPO2 is comprised of a PET core made from recycled milk cartons. This core is then infused directly with the fiberglass exterior. The infusion process provides so much strength to our trailers that we were able to reduce the weight of our chassis by 300 lbs. And, since we no longer needed an internal support structure, we saved even more weight throughout the body. The TOPO2 is an incredibly capable off-road trailer weighing in well-equipped at 2000 lbs. To learn more about how the TOPO2 body is made, check out this blog.

But the innovation in the TOPO2 doesn’t stop there.

We brought the design & creation of key elements in-house to solve industry-plaguing issues.

What about leaks, you ask? We’ve got you covered. The TOPO2 introduces a water management system as you’ve never seen before. Our single-piece composite body is entirely watertight and totally seamless. Since there’s no structural wood, concerns over mold, mildew and rot are eliminated. The TOPO2 also has molded rain gutters around the hatch & door edges, so the elements will be directed away from your trailer at all times. Lastly, dynamic hinges move the hatch above the gutter system when it’s open, which catches all run-off.

As for off-road capability, our patent-pending Freeride Suspension System was designed to tackle any terrain. This suspension design yields 5” of independent travel on each wheel. With 16" Vision 355 Manx satin gray wheels, 265-75R-16 General Tire Grabber ATX all-terrain tires, a 35-degree departure angle, and 23” of ground clearance, this beauty is built for the wild.

The door of a teardrop camper that has topographical lines from mountain ranges in Utah.
A Ford Bronco crosses a mountain stream while towing a TOPO2 off-road camping trailer. The grasses flanking the stream are bright green and tall pine trees cover the hillside in the distance.
The offroad capability of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer, is on display as is easily rolls over rocks on an offroading trail.

Then there's the interior.

The TOPO2 is ready to take on the most rugged terrain, but that doesn’t mean that we compromised interior functionality. Ever tried taking your shoes off in a teardrop trailer? It’s not fun. The TOPO2 introduces an innovative heated mudroom at each entry door. A strategically designed 5” utility space gives you a perch for your feet as you pull off dirty shoes. There’s also an enclosed storage nook so you don’t have to worry about dirt making its way between the sheets. We’ve even included two coat hooks at each entry, so you’re not wasting precious cabinet space with a wet rain jacket or bulky jacket.

A teardrop trailer with both doors open to display a beautiful scene.
A woman using the storage in her teardrop trailer to store all the camping necessities for their adventure.
A man is lounging in the spacious cabin of the TOPO2 teardrop camper with his legs extended and crossed at the ankles.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a true queen-sized 6” memory foam mattress. Lay back and stare at the night sky through our massive 2.5’ x 5’ stargazer window. With nearly 8 cubic feet of cabinet space and 5 cubic feet of space behind the headboard, you’ll have plenty of space for your clothes, bedding, and additional gear. We carried over the beautiful birch cabinet faces from our original TOPO Series to provide a rich & relaxing interior finish.

What about the power system, you ask?

The standard 100 amp hour VPR 4EVER lithium battery powers the 12V system throughout the trailer. Due to the standard 140W fully-integrated solar panel and fast-charging lithium batteries, this system is almost always regenerative. Strategically placed dimmable LED lighting in the cabin & galley, ground lights beneath each entry door, and dual porch lights next to each door will keep your nights illuminated. Access to USB ports and wireless charging stations on each nightstand (yes, there are nightstands) will keep your devices charged.

A man removing his solar panel off of his teardrop trailer to set it up in the sun.
A book is peeking out of the lower storage of the nightstand in the TOPO2 teardrop trailer. There is a cell phone sitting on the wireless charging device.

You’ll also find a Aqua-Hot Gen1 hydronic heating system nested inside the trailer providing forced air throughout the cabin. Airflow is directed strategically across the stargazer window and side doors which creates a warm air pocket further insulating the cabin and reducing condensation on the double-pane windows. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 not only heats the cabin air but also provides instant hot water to our stunning fully-integrated stainless steel sink. Unlike other sinks, this one is actually large enough to do dishes and easily fill a pot for cooking.

Finally, the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Speaking of cooking… The galley of the TOPO2 will make your kitchen at home jealous. A stainless steel sink, slide-out ENO 2-burner stove (8000 BTUs), space for the standard YETI 75 (or an upgrade to an ARB 63), 7.5 cubic feet of cabinet space, a hidden knife storage cabinet, spice drawer, and modular shelving that allows you to customize your space to suit your needs.

A man in a red plaid shirt is retreiving salt and pepper from the spice drawer in the galley of the Escapod TOPO2 teardrop camper.
A couple enjoying their time in nature with their TOPO2, a teardrop trailer.

The water tank gives you a usable capacity of 21-gallons of water. It’s nested inside the insulated trailer reducing concerns over freezing temps. Combined with a unique water cut-off, the water system can be used year-round. We also made it easier to refill your tank when you’re out in the wild using a water fill port on the side of the trailer that doesn’t require pressurized water.

Every TOPO2 includes a system monitor by Simarine so you can get an easy read on your battery consumption, internal cabin temperature, and water levels. The TOPO2 is the most intelligently designed 4-season camping trailer making it one of the best fiberglass trailers on the market.

Did we mention that the TOPO2 comes with an unmatched, 5-year manufacturer’s warranty? Submit a quote for your TOPO2 now!

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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