A navy blue teardrop camper being towed through desert landscape by a Ford Bronco.

9 Reasons People Buy an Escapod

By Jess VernonMarch 04, 2022

Have you decided now is the time to buy a teardrop trailer to upgrade your camping experience, but don't know which one to choose? We can't tell you what goes into everyone's decision, but we can tell you the top 9 reasons people buy an Escapod. Read on to find out why!

1. Premium Craftsmanship

Here at Escapod, attention to detail is one of our top priorities. This is evident throughout the entire process of the build, from beginning to end. Our team is dedicated to providing the best fit and finish on each of our builds. They do this at every stage of the process, beginning with the quality of materials we use.

"The amenities and craftsmanship are second to none. You can tell that there is a lot of pride in the work that is done at Escapod. If someone is looking for a teardrop trailer, this should be at the top of one's list.”

Escapod Customer, Jared Pitroski

As a trailer progresses through the build process, we have quality control checks to ensure that every weld is clean, make sure the joints between pieces of wood are seamless and that the entire build meets our standard.

This allows us to create a top-of-the-line product that provides our customers with the confidence to hit the open road.

2. How it Looks

As Escapod partner, Chris Eckel, says “good taste is objective”. We like to joke that Escapod customers objectively have great taste.

"The quality is top notch. We ordered our Escapod all the way from Michigan w/o seeing it in person. When we picked it up, the quality, design, and execution match the great photos and videos online.”

Escapod Customer, Christopher Hoyt

Our trailer’s designs are incredibly mindful and have been mastered by our team. The shape of both the Original TOPO and TOPO2 are neither too boxy nor too bubbly. We are always aiming to create a refined modern aesthetic balanced with rugged details.

3. Off-Road Capability 

All Escapods are built to go anywhere you desire. If your vehicle can go off-road, your pod can follow. This gives you the opportunity to get to unique places that you used to only dream of camping. With the proprietary Freeride Suspension, we can make these dream places a reality for every camper.

A navy blue teardrop camper being towed through desert landscape by a Ford Bronco.

Our proprietary Freeride Suspension System is built around a shock and spring design that exists perpendicular to a trailing arm. The shock and spring work together to control both the compression & rebound of the trailer as you travel over bumpy terrain. Since each wheel moves independently of the other, you gain even more control. If you want to learn more about our Freeride Suspension check out our blog: Introducing Escapod’s Proprietary Freeride Suspension System.

4. Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Unlike other companies, who have a plethora of models to choose from, we have only two. Our models are well equipped at the base level. Then, you have the opportunity to add options to get exactly what you need to best suit your experience.

“The attentiveness to detail, & quality of handcraft by this amazing team shined through from start to finish. Our pick of their customizable options is everything we need to further our adventures. “

Escapod Customer, William DuBois

The Original TOPO has 29 options for you to customize your build. This provides you with the opportunity to create your dream trailer. The base model TOPO2 comes more fully built-out, but still has 17 options to consider to make it your own.

5. Spend More Time in Nature

Purchasing an Escapod comes with a free perk: it gives you (and your nearest and dearest) the opportunity to get out and spend more time in nature.

Spending time outdoors comes with a few benefits for everyone:

- Provides more opportunities for physical activity

- Relieves stress, anxiety, & depression

- Improves mood

- Helps you soak up extra vitamin D

- Allows you to breathe in better quality air

While there are many ways to reconnect with nature, an Escapod can get you out there with a bed as comfortable as yours at home.

A woman and her dog cuddle in the cabin of a teardrop trailer. Comfortably relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

We use a 5” memory foam mattress in the Original TOPO and a 6” version in the TOPO2. Both give you the comfort of home to provide a great night's sleep and come with the added perk of waking up surrounded by Mother Nature.

6. Fits in Your Garage

While the size of our models is often described as cute, that “cute” factor comes with some major benefits. One is that it takes up significantly less space than other towable trailers.

Our teardrop trailer models can easily fit inside your garage, which provides extra security for you and you won’t need to worry about finding a place to store your pod when it isn't in use!

The Original TOPO with the standard suspension stands at 76”, if you upgrade to our Freeride Suspension it will come in 78”. The TOPO2 comes standard with our Freeride Suspension and clocks in at 82” in height, but can still fit in most standard 7’ garages!

7. Fully-Insulated

Going from tent camping to an Escapod for your adventures will have some significant changes, but let’s be honest: trailer camping can beat tent camping in every way.

“My wife, who doesn’t necessarily love sleeping on the ground, asked me, “How did we not know about these pods years ago?”

Escapod Customer, Mike Kisow

One big way that will change your camping experience completely is sleeping in a fully-insulated pod. It’s a game-changer. Being able to pack up your pod with all your gear and not have to worry about running into unexpected weather that you aren’t prepared for will be a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to show up wherever you want to go, rain or shine, and be protected from the elements.

8. Less Intimidating than a Big Rig

With an Escapod teardrop trailer, a giant truck is not required. Because of their size, it makes them significantly lighter than other options like Gooseneck trailers, 5th Wheels, etc. This means towing will be a breeze.

A teardrop camper being towed by a grey Toyota through a trail in the mountains.

With the size in mind, it is much easier to park your trailer when it's so lightweight and nimble! It's also simpler to roll up into tight gas stations to fill up than with a bigger rig. The list goes on, but the little things add up.

9. Save Your Time

Time is our most precious resource and we want to help you save yours. Our teardrop trailer designs are extremely thoughtful which helps you save time, requires less set-up, and allows you to enjoy more time outdoors.

Let’s not forget that both our models feature a galley that is industry-leading in design. It requires no set-up once you arrive at camp and has everything you need to get cooking. The time you save by already having your collapsible table, cutting board, and stove already in your galley with no setup needed, is time you get to spend exploring, making lifetime memories with your family, or just simply relaxing in nature is worth every penny.

While this just scratches the surface of all the reasons why you should buy an Escapod, we hope these top 9 reasons people buy an Escapod will help you find the perfect teardrop trailer for your needs.

Our team is available to chat through any & all other reasons why you should consider joining the Escapod Community. You can reach out by emailing [email protected] - we’d love to help you get started on your journey. 

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