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Organizing Your Outdoor Kitchen in the TOPO2

By Philip LongNovember 08, 2023

After you purchase your own Escapod TOPO2, you might take a hard look at the galley and wonder how you’re going to organize it to suit your needs. There are several ways that can be done. We wanted to share how we chose to use the galley area.

Organizing the TOPO2’s galley starts with removing the front panel which also happens to be a handy table! Because the galley space for any teardrop-style trailer is limited, we were impressed by the thoughtful use of space by adding yet more surface space to the trailer. By the way, while the TOPO2 has the classic teardrop look, it is more of an adventure trailer to us!

First, full credit goes to my wife. She is a very organized person and has always been able to make the most out of our camping storage solutions. So, to be clear, when I say “we” in this article, I mean “she”!

First Things First

After removing the front panel, you find an adjustable, modular design for the galley area which will allow you to customize the space to your needs. We wanted to be able to use the space for cooking pots and pans, utensils, and other miscellaneous items along with some of our food.

TOPO2 Voyager Table being removed as the cabinet face.

Our solution was just one of the ways you can get the space organized. I do suspect that over time, we’ll probably make more changes. But for now, this seems to work for us.

Tip #1: Anti-Slip Matts

We started by placing “anti-slip” matting down on the surfaces of the interior of the cubbies which had loose items such as plates, cups, and bowls.

Philip Long_galley tips

These allowed for the items placed on those surfaces to have a better chance to stay in place when we traveled. What we were trying to avoid was as much shifting of items in transit as possible. Traveling offroad is rough enough on items in the galley but even traveling on paved roads can cause items to move around and no one wants an avalanche of pots, pans, food, and other items spilling all over the place. “The anti-slip” mats help a lot with that issue and you can find the material at pretty much any big box store or home improvement center in the kitchen supply area. They generally come in different colors too!

Tip #2: Plastic Trays

Secondly, we added some plastic trays to each of the cubbies where possible.

This helps items stay in place and upright, especially while traveling. It is immensely helpful in staying organized. Everything has a place in the galley. It even allows you the ability to label the location of the items you store in the galley so there’s minimal confusion for others who might be using the spaces for the first time.

Organization bins for TOPO2 Voyager galley
Philip Long_galley_organization

Tip #3: Collapsible Cookware

Third, we chose pots and pans that are collapsible.

This allows the “cooking” cubbies to hold all the items we’ll need to cook with unless we decide to take a cast iron skillet, which we do use from time to time. However, since we also have a skottle, this doesn’t happen too often as the skottle acts like a cast iron skillet. We had a few of the collapsible pans before purchasing the TOPO2 Voyager and just added a couple of pans to round out the available cookware.

Philip Long_galley tips
Philip Long_galley tips

The adjustable cubby area of the galley is basically complete for us with these solutions. Do you “need” these solutions to get out and explore with your Escapod TOPO2? No. Of course not. But for us, they make it a little neater and more organized, which makes our camping experiences that much better.

Tip #4: Extras for Added Organization

Finally, we added a couple of other items for convenience and organization.

The Escapod TOPO2 uses a lot of magnetic solutions in the trailer. So, in keeping with this awesome innovation, we added the paper towel holder and a small tray to the magnetic solutions list. The paper towel holder has a spring-loaded top which keeps paper towels from unrolling during windy weather and it folds down neatly when we’re on the road. The unit also has magnets on the back which allows it to be removed for traveling or cleaning and the mounting system doesn’t require any drilling into the trailer. Awesome!

Philip Long_galley tips
Philip Long_galley tips
Philip Long_galley tips

The tray also has a large magnetic surface on the back and has a similar mounting system to the paper towel holder. It holds our cleaning items, sponges, soap, etc. at camp. When we travel, it is easily removable and stored in the sink area. Again, awesome!

The galley of a TOPO2 Voyager being used at a campsite

So, these solutions are how we stay organized in our Escapod TOPO2. If they work for you, that’s great! We hope you use these ideas or are just inspired by them. Ultimately, it’s about getting out there and, if you can stay organized, so much the better.

Please remember to be safe, leave the outdoors better than you found it, and enjoy your new Escapod TOPO2. And, as always, we hope to see you Outside!

About the Author:

Phil, and his son Trevor, are Trailblazer Ambassadors for Escapod and share a love for outdoor adventure. After a lifetime of outdoor exploration with family and friends, they want to share this passion with others through tutorials, gear reviews, and a few of their adventures through social media and on their website. You can follow them on YouTube at Sawback Gear, on Instagram, or on their website at SawbackGear.com.

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