A woman using a hose attachment to spray off her teardrop trailer.

How to Clean Your Teardrop Trailer

By Jen HudakJune 01, 2021

If there's one thing we like more than a dirty pod, it's a dirty pod that we've made look like new again! It's the time of year when Escapods start hitting the road for a summer of adventures. The dirt may pile on, but it doesn't have to stay that way for long.

Learn Escapod's tried & true process for how to clean your teardrop trailer and which products to use to keep it looking like new!

Start with the Exterior

Washing the exterior of your Escapod is similar to how you'd want to wash your car. You can do this in your driveway with a garden hose or power washer, or you can visit a self-serve/coin-op car wash. Before you start washing your trailer, make sure you close all windows, doors, fan vents, and securely latch the hatch!

A woman using a hose attachment to spray off her teardrop trailer.
A woman using a soap scrubbing brush to scrub down her teardrop camper.
A woman using a purple towel to wipe down the exterior of her black and red teardrop camper.

What you'll need:

Step 1: Spray it Down!

Before soaping up your trailer, we recommend starting with a quick spray down with water to loosen up dirt and debris. Work your way from the front of the trailer to the back, and from the top down. For the sidewalls, be sure to angle the direction of spray diagonally from the nose of the trailer toward the rear of the trailer, especially around doors, windows, fans, and the hatch edge, to minimize the chance that water enters the pod. When cleaning the front and back of the trailer, you can spray directly at the flat surface working your way from the top down. Don't forget to spray the underside of the fenders!

Step 2: Suds it Up!

Once you've sufficiently soaked the trailer, now it's time to soap it up! Fill a bucket with water and a foaming car wash soap (the foam helps you to visibly see where you've cleaned). Using a soft-bristle automobile scrub brush, immerse it into the soapy water mixture then make your way around the trailer, scrubbing areas of dirt build-up. Give special attention to the front of the trailer and the fenders, wheels, and tires.

Step 3: Rinse Away!

Now it's time to rinse the suds off of your Escapod. You'll definitely want to work your way from the top down during this step so that you don't end up with soapy water running down cleanly rinsed parts of the trailer. We recommend angling the direction of spray down toward the top of your pod. If you can't reach with your arms, a step stool may be helpful to achieve the desired angle.

Step 4: Dry it Off!

Using a slightly damp absorbent shammy towel, you can begin the drying process. It's essential that the shammy is slightly moist so that it will absorb the water, otherwise it's like trying to clean up a spill with a dry sponge. Work your way from the top-center down to the front & then toward the back of the pod. Then dry the sides. Try to keep the shammy towel expanded out and as flat as possible by placing both your palms face down on the left and right sides (see image above). Make large sweeping strokes, not small circular ones, to keep the trailer streak-free!

Pro tip: if possible, wash your Escapod in the shade, or earlier/later in the day when there's less direct sunlight. This makes it easier to clean because things won't dry up as fast in between steps!

Move to the Interior

Now that the exterior of the trailer is clean, it's time to move to the interior of the trailer. Not only the cabin, but also the galley compartment.

Interior of a teardrop camper kitchen.

What you'll need:

Step 1: Side-entry Doors

We recommend starting with the edges of the doors. Dust & dirt tends to collect in this space, so cleaning it first helps prevent any grime from migrating into the trailer during the cleaning process. Just grab your microfiber cleaning cloth and spray Simple Green directly onto the cloth. This helps manage overspray onto the mattress or other surfaces you don't want Simple Green to touch. Simple Green is a non-toxic cleaning solution that is great for cleaning our trailers, including spot cleaning the fenders and aluminum tongue box on the exterior. Once the edges are clean, use a new microfiber cloth to wipe down the windows. Windex or other glass cleaner is sufficient for this task.

Step 2: Cabinets/Birch

The interior of an Escapod TOPO Series teardrop trailer is made of beautiful birch. You'll want to use a wood-safe cleaning product for use on these surfaces. Murphy's Oil Soap is highly recommended. Again, just spray it onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the interior surfaces. Don't forget to check underneath the mattress and sweep or use a hand-vac to remove any dirt and debris that has collected there.

Step 3: The Galley

Now it's time to hit the galley. This is likely the dirtiest area of the interior because it gets so much activity, from exposure to the outside elements to the mess we all make while cooking. You'll want to use a few different cleaners for this area. On the HDPE sidewalls and drawers, Simple Green works really well. It is effective at cutting through grease and works equally as well on dirt. For the stainless steel counter and stovetops, stainless steel wipes will get the job done. Be sure to wipe in the direction of the grain for the most polished look. Finally, you'll want to use Murphy's Oil Soap for the interior cabinets.

Final Details

We all know that a job well done rests with the details. Below are a few final tips for really getting your teardrop trailer looking like new.

Off-road wheels and tires that are mounted on a teardrop camper.

What You'll Need:

1. Polish the Wheels & Tires

There's nothing that makes a pod look more new than shiny wheels and tires! After washing the wheels and tires with your hose & soap in the initial wash, you can take them to the next level with Chemical Guys Tire Shine. Make sure you dry the wheels and tires off before wiping them down with tire shine. Then, just spray the sponge with the tire shine and work around the tire & wheels from the outside in.

2. Make the Trim Sparkle

Over time, the silicone along the edge of your trailer will start to yellow from collecting dust & dirt from the road. To get your silicone looking like new mix a 1:1 Isopropyl Alcohol/water solution in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze it directly onto the silicone and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth. This works great for cleaning off dust and removing the yellowing of the silicone along the trim edge. Then, take your stainless steel wipes, and wipe down the aluminum and stainless steel trim around the roofline and hatch edges of your trailer!

Pro Tip: GooGone isn't necessary for everyday use, but can be helpful for some stubborn areas. Because GooGone is oil-based, it's great for removing adhesive. After a trip on a newly paved road, one of our rental trailers ended up with a splattering of tar on the sidewalls, fenders, and shower box, but the GooGone got rid of it all!

Escapods are made to get dirty, but hopefully, these tips can help you get your pod looking like new, time & again. You can shop all of these items and more on our Amazon Storefront.

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