A navy blue teardrop camper with a red door, parked next to a Ford Bronco at Gooseberry Mesa.

Meet the Escapod Trailblazers!

Escapod Trailblazers tell the unique story of their experiences out on the road in their teardrop trailer. As Escapod owners, we knew that you would be camping in places that we might not ever see.

Escapod would love to be able to showcase those stories and give everyone an inside look at what life with an Escapod can be!

Jory & Taylor Prather: Podzilla

A couple sitting on a log posing with their two dogs for a familyphoto.

Taylor Prather and Jory Prather are co-founders of Podzilla Off-Road, a channel created to inspire, educate, and motivate overlanders and aspiring adventurers. Prather, her husband, and their two dogs are currently traveling throughout the west in their Escapod Original TOPO, affectionately named Podzilla. Follow their journey on Instagram!

A picture of an Original TOPO, an offroad trailer set up at camp.
A woman changes into her snowboard boats in a snowstorm outside of her Original TOPO teardrop trailer by Escapod Trailers.
A man smiles at the camera as he is cooking a breakfast meal in the galley of his Original TOPO trailer, a teardrop trailer by Escapod Trailers.

Clinton and Caroline Cabe

A couple stand in front of a Storm Grey TOPO2, a custom adventure teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailers, in front of trees with fall leaves.

Clint and Caroline are both on active duty and celebrated their honeymoon in their TOPO2 Voyager trailer! They will be towing with a Toyota 4Runner and will have their dogs in tow.

Storm Grey TOPO2 with Powder doors parked in a desert location.
A storm grey TOPO2, an offroad adventure trailer hooked up to a Toyota 4Runner parked at a desert camping spot.
A storm grey TOPO2, an offroad adventure trailer hooked up to a Toyota 4Runner.

Bridget Miller

A bird's eye view of an Original TOPO trailer set up at camp with people sitting around a fire enjoying their camping experience.

My husband Chris and I are SLC locals who love to get outside as much as we can. Our main passions are hiking, climbing, mountain biking, camping, and ticking off national parks. Our adventuring style is getting the most out of our time in the outdoors. We both work busy 9-5 jobs and whenever we get out, it’s an escape from our busy lifestyle. We love making delicious meals, seeing new places, and spending time with friends/family while camping. I have a particular passion for making the outdoors more accessible. I love to share information about the gear I like, where I got it, how to find gear for a good deal, and all of the other beta that I have discovered along the way. Knowledge is power and I love sharing what I have learned.

A couple rests on top of a mountain on their mountain bikes, enjoying the view.
A man cooking in the galley of his Original TOPO teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailer
A woman in a baseball cap and long sleeved shirt, washing dishes outside of her Original TOPO teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailers.

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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