TOPO2 Rendering

The Escapod Purchase Process

  1. Build Out Your Dream Trailer. The first step of the purchase process is to build out your dream trailer using our trailer builder. This is a great time to learn more about financing and to get pre-approved for an RV loan!
  2. Submit A Quote. If you are ready to pull the trigger, you can simply submit a quote instead of making a reservation and a team member will follow up with you directly.
  3. Sign A Purchase Agreement. The next step in the process is a signed purchase agreement. Our team will send an estimate and purchase agreement based on your initial quote.
  4. Pay the Deposit. Once the paperwork is signed, a non-refundable deposit of $5000 is requested within two weeks. No other payment is due until trailer completion.

Then What?

Approximately 60 days prior to delivery, we will lock in the specific details of your build on a personal call with a team member.

When your trailer enters the shop, you’ll receive photos of your build as it progresses. And, even better, you'll be given a pickup date! Please plan to pick up your trailer within 30 days of trailer completion. The remaining balance for your trailer is due upon trailer completion.

**Please note, we accept payment online through bank transfer or the more old-fashioned ways of mailing a check. Credit cards are also accepted but will incur an additional 3% processing fee.

TOPO2 Voyager being towed by a Ford Bronco near the beach.
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Bronco towing an Escapod TOPO2
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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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