Escapod's production line, showing many TOPO2 offroad trailers in many stages of the build process.

Manufacturing Tour

Welcome to Escapod! We take great pride in the work we do within these walls - and we love to share it with our customers and visitors.

Come to our main facility at 627 S. Main Street in Coalville, UT to participate in a full walk-through of our manufacturing facility. You'll get to observe the manufacturing process up close!

We're excited to offer these facility tours during business hours Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 4 PM.

To attend a tour, please book a date to visit us through the link below!

*If you don't see a specific time available, please email our team at [email protected].

Our Facility

The Escapod Headquarters building with our classic E logo on the front, where we build of our offroad trailers.

We are very proud to run our operation out of Coalville, UT. In early 2020, we moved into this 10,000 sq. ft. facility. It was formerly a used car dealership that had been sitting empty since 1995. We build as much of our trailer on-site as we can including welding our frames, cutting our wood materials, installing suspension, and applying vinyl, ultimately building your Escapod from the bottom up!

Our Process

A team member working on the construction of a TOPO2, an offroad trailer.

Currently, we build our trailers in a single-piece workflow. This is similar to what you'd see on an assembly line. We adopt as many LEAN principles as we can to maintain a balance between inventory on hand and efficiency in production. At any one time, we have approximately 8-10 trailers in progress on the production floor.

Quality Control

An Escapod team member welding the frame for a TOPO2, an offroad trailer.

Our trailers are built with an excessive focus on quality. We use our proprietary system, PODS (Production Operations Documentation System), to ensure our manufacturing process is followed and quality assurance is met.

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