A TOPO2, a teardrop trailer, with a mounted awning parked beside a red Bronco with a rooftop tent mounted on top.

Escapod Customer Testimonials

"We ended up upgrading to the TOPO2 Voyager and could not be happier!"

A truly customer focused and craftsman level quality shop! They were excellent throughout the entire process, and so far we are loving our teardrop trailer! I could not more highly recommend them.
Update: We ended up upgrading to the TOPO2 Voyager and could not be happier! We adored our Original TOPO for the ~2 years that we had it, and are so happy with the amazing improvements in the TOPO2. I still highly recommend Escapod to anyone wanting an amazing off-road capable teardrop trailer.
- Stefano, Colorado (TOPO2 Voyager owner)
A grey and white Original TOPO trailer being picked up by a happy couple.
A Powder and Obsidian color combo TOPO2, a custom offroad trailer, being picked up by it's new owner.

"Extremely well built."

Awesome teardrop camper. Extremely well built. These folks take great pride in the products they build.
- Dustin, New Mexico

"Vitus pulls like a dream and I never worried about the bumps and ruts with the suspension on the TOPO2 Voyager. "

We purchased P18 Topo 2 as our Exit Gift to ourselves as we retire from the Army. Our trailer, code-named Vitus, headed straight to Alaska from his beginnings in Coalville Utah. We are a little embarrassed to say it took us almost two months to get settled in enough to take Vitus out on our first adventure. After a couple of days in the driveway and a tank of propane, I felt confident enough in the trailer's capabilities at temperatures below zero to head north with the goal of camping overnight somewhere above the Arctic Circle.
We left Fairbanks around 09:30 with a truck full of gas along with another 15 gallons in the back. Two propane tanks for Vitus and a couple of days with of food just in case. Much more if you count the YETI cooler full of elk that has been stored in the trailer since picking it up on our way through Montana!!
The Dalton road is no joke and the 200 miles to the arctic circle took almost five hours to drive. Vitus pulls like a dream and I never worried about the bumps and ruts with the suspension on the TOPO2. When we hit the circle we drove a few miles north and pulled off on one of the pipeline access roads for the night. It seems the battery in Vitus does not like to turn on at -15 degrees which I overcome by plugging the trailer into the outlet on the truck, either that or the gas generator I keep in the front compartment of the escapod. I turned on the heater to 65 degrees which only takes a few minutes to get up to the temperature. Throughout the night we slept warm under a couple of blankets as long as you stay away from the immediate door space as it seems the cold air likes to settle. We awoke the next morning and re-plugged the trailer into the truck in order to use the built-in outlet (I didn’t pony up for the optional inverter) in order to warm up some water in Mama’s hot pot. I could have done this just as easily on the burner in the back but it was still pretty dang cold outside!
We drove back the next morning as we are still looking for our forever home here around Fairbanks and had some work to do. Melissa is already planning a multi-day trip which will involve making it all the way to Deadhorse and back
- Neil Hurd, Alaska (TOPO2 Voyager owner)

A TOPO2, an offroad camper, up camping at the Artic Circle.

"Wherever my Jeep can go it can follow."

Such a great company with excellent customer service. We have taken our Topo trailer on sandy, rutted, muddy, rocky, and washed out roads with no issues. Wherever my Jeep can go it can follow. Super comfy and all the right features.
Paul (Utah)
Bright red Jeep Rubicon tows an Escapod up a rocky desert landscape.

"I kept finding little things that kept the excitement and 'exceeding expectations' in high gear."

Words alone cannot do justice to how I feel about our new TOPO2. I admit I was little apprehensive about our pick-up a week ago Friday. Picture the anticipation of a big event, birthday, and/or Christmas as a kid, only to have the thing you longed for not live up to the expectation. This was certainly not the case with our new TOPO2. Day after day, as we took our time heading home via Moab, Cottonwood (outside of Sedona), SoCal, and finally, Sacramento, I kept finding little things that kept the excitement and “exceeding expectations” in high gear. With gratitude and appreciation of your accomplishment, I’m one happy camper.
- Bill, California (TOPO2 Voyager)
A couple in navy blue t-shirts in front of their TOPO2, an offroad adventure trailer.
A breakfast meal being cooked in the galley of a TOPO2 an offroad adventure trailer.

"Customer service is super important and you do a great job!"

Just wanted to thank you for your great communications. Customer service is super important and you do a great job! Thanks so much!
- Philip, California

"I think I just peed myself!"

I think I just peed myself. So exciting. Super juiced. The new paint looks great! I love you all
- Kurt, California (TOPO2 Voyager owner)

"We are so thrilled with our purchase!"

We have loved our experience with Escapod. Buying a trailer is not something you do overnight, they answered all of our questions, and I mean ALL! I never felt like they were rushing to get off the phone with us, they truly wanted us to be confident in our decision and make sure it was going to work for us. They helped with every step from financing to what features would work best for our camping style. We never felt like we were being forced into any of the upgrades, they were honest with what would work best for us. Can't say enough good things about this company and their employees, and of course, the Escapod itself. Such beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail, we are so thrilled with our purchase!
- Bridget, Utah (Original TOPO owner)
A man cooking in the galley of his Original TOPO teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailer
A woman in a baseball cap and long sleeved shirt, washing dishes outside of her Original TOPO teardrop trailer, by Escapod Trailers.

"The friendliness and attention to detail that you have given us are second to none!"

From our rental/factory tour last fall to our hand-off a couple of weeks ago the experience that we have had with everyone at Escapod has been fantastic. The friendliness and attention to detail that you have given us are second to none! Thank you for not only a fantastic product but an awesome experience.
- Michael (Michigan)

"Makes our camping experiences ten times easier and more efficient."

Absolutely love our trailer.
Makes our camping experiences ten times easier and more efficient.
The entire process of purchasing one was incredibly smooth and worth the wait. The product is of incredibly high quality and the pickup process was great - very thorough and detailed.
- Carlos

"It tows well, gets into tight spaces, set up and take down is so fast and doesn't affect my SUV gas mileage that much."

I think the first thing my wife and I both said after the first night in our rental was, "yeah, I want one". So...we bought one. Love everything about it. It tows well, gets into tight spaces, set up and take down is so fast and doesn't affect my SUV gas milage that much. Sleeping is very comfortable even with a medium size dog in-between our legs. Everyone (including us) is impressed with the well thought out design of both the cabin and the galley. We were in the market for for a small trailer but even if you are not, you really need to rent one of these. It will change the way you think of camping. Lastly, Eckel, Chris and everyone else at Escapod have been so nice to work with. Really a top notch team.
- J (Utah)

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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