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Careers at Escapod

Escapod Trailers is one of the fastest-growing off-road camper manufacturers in the country. Based in Coalville, UT, our mission is to Build The Best Damn Camper Known To Man - a teardrop trailer that’s gentle on the eyes, rugged enough for the craziest adventures, and suitable for year-round fun. We not only want to stand out in a crowd, but we want to be able to escape them - to explore the open spaces around us in order to connect more deeply with each other and the great outdoors.

The Values that Guide Us

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The values of any organization are shown by who we hire, promote, and let go. Below are the values that this company was built around, and the specific behaviors we look for in all those who wish to join us. The more these values sound like you, and describe a culture you'd like to work in, the more likely you'll fit in and thrive here.

Critical Thinking

Is: A Daily Habit, Optimistic, Collaborative
Is Not: Overthinking, Meddling, Doubt or Distrust

You’re engaged and thorough when exploring problems to see the big picture and/or determine the root issues.

You take ownership and reach the limit of your ability to solve the problem first before involving others.

You take initiative, but understand the necessity of buy-in from and follow-up with other stakeholders.

You don’t over-complicate the process, and work to achieve the simplest solution with the fewest assumptions.


Is: Disciplined, Long-Sighted, Antifragile
Is not: Suffering, Short-Sighted, Resignation, Reactivity

You are calm and collected in the face of adversity.

You understand that it’s never easy, and that setbacks are inevitable.

You rise to challenges and don’t resign yourself to failure.

You don’t make excuses to explain away ineffectiveness.

A Bias Toward Action

Is: Learn by Doing, Improvisational, Calculated Risk-taking
Is not: Recklessness, Perfection, Certainty

You can quickly identify a path forward and move.

You trust the plan, but don’t hesitate to improvise if the plan isn’t working.

You improve iteratively, and do not obsess over perfection.

You are quick to embrace your mistakes with humility, but never linger on them.

You never act in self-interest, but always in alignment with the team.

You understand the courage required to act, and never judge failures harshly


Is: Team-Oriented, Ethical, Productive, Intrinsic
Is not: Individual, Be-All/End-All, Destructive, Contingent

You are intrinsically motivated to work hard.

You demand excellence from yourself and your teammates.

You exercise humility, and don’t preach to those underperforming.

You don’t get to the top by pulling others down.

You commit to fulfilling your duty as part of a team with a larger mission.


Is: Attention to Detail, Aspirational, Evolving, Supportive
Is not: Obsessive, Punitive, Static, Condescending

You commit to a standard higher than your own.

You are critical of your own process before pointing out the failures of others.

You’re rigorous and structured in your approach to new challenges.

You are critical, but constructively so, not wasting time on petty and personal issues.

You strive for all things to be better, but can also accept today’s constraints.


Is: Perspective-Taking, Eyes Up, Conscientious
Is not: Meddling, Policing, Nit-Picking

You move about your day with eyes up, seeing the whole and the parts.

You challenge yourself to assume others' perspectives.

You see the full scope and impact of your actions.

You ask questions in place of making assumptions.

You can read others, and adjust your behavior to make the most of an interaction.

Continuous Improvement

Is: Outcome Focused, Accountable, Encouraging
Is not: Only About Effort, Accepting ‘Good Enough’, Impatient, Isolated

You’re focused on measurable outcomes, not satisfied with effort alone.

You acknowledge your weaknesses with humility.

You enjoy new challenges as opportunities to grow.

You see every action, no matter how small, as an opportunity for improvement.

You pursuit of growth is yours to own, not given to, or managed for you.


Is: Honesty, Faith, Directness, Caring, Inclusivity, Reliability
Is not: Excuses, Accommodation, Gossip, Coddling, Judgemental

You are direct and upfront, but not confrontational.

You give others the benefit of the doubt, never assuming the worst.

You don’t make excuses for yourself or others.

You are patient and inclusive in your team efforts.

You show up and are a reliable member of your team.

You don’t gossip or broadcast hearsay.

You can have difficult conversations when necessary.

You disagree respectfully.


Is: Acceptance, People First, A Clear and Common Purpose, Welcoming
Is not: Selfishness, Clicky, Judgemental, Exclusive

You are effective and enjoy working as part of a team.

You are welcoming to new people, and appreciate the diversity they bring.

You understand that training is a whole-team responsibility.

You help others when you have the bandwidth, never thinking ‘that’s not my job’.

You are slow to judgment, and generous with encouragement.

You don’t act out of self-interest.