A green TOPO2 fiberglass trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.

Escapod 2023 Press Kit

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Explore the TOPO2

A green teardrop trailer parked in a desert landscape at sunset.

Escapod has been helping lead the way in designing solutions for the overland community since 2016. The TOPO2 is spacious enough to fit 4 people, light enough to be towed by a mid-size vehicle, and capable enough to go wherever your vehicle can go - it offers the luxuries of home, but without compromising the beauty and solitude of camping in remote places.

Additionally, when designing we housed all of the mechanicals within the insulated shell, so even if the temperature dips below freezing you still have a heated cabin and warm water.

Photo Assets

The interior of a teardrop camper, displaying a queen bed, double doors, and a stargazer window

Our product looked beyond the traditional designs, processes, and materials of the RV/caravan industry to build a product that looks and functions like none other on the market. The refined design of the body lines and interior paneling combines with the rugged capability of a lightweight yet durable frame to make for a product that is uniquely functional and visually differentiated. By bringing all the mechanicals inside of the body we’ve created a product that is usable beyond the traditional camping season, and will outlive the obsolescence of traditional RV designs.

Download various photos of the TOPO2 featuring the Escapod lifestyle, product details, product highlights, renders, our facility, and our team down below.

Video Assets

A woman pulling out the YETI cooler drawer slide in her camp kitchen of her adventure trailer.

The TOPO2 uses materials that are extremely durable and weather resistant, but also moldable to meet our most demanding design specs. Our vacuum bag infusion process makes the body both insulated and structurally sound. The interior space was designed so that usability was intuitive, welcoming, and offered year-round comforts, even in freezing weather. The TOPO2’s sleek body lines are designed for maximum aerodynamics, and the return flanged gutter system around every door & hatch prevents water intrusion in a way no other camper does.

Download the videos below featuring how a TOPO2 can help you Find Your Wild, how a TOPO2 allows the Good Times to Roll, and a full walkthrough video of our product down below.

Learn More about Escapod

3 men and 1 woman standing infront of a lake with the fall colors in the background.

We designed the Escapod TOPO2 for an uncompromised camping experience. The elegant and compact design allows for campers of all types to pack up and head out to any destination with ease, and take the comforts and companions of home without added stress.

We build the body out of a single piece of structural fiberglass and recycled PET core, and the chassis with galvanized steel, making this a multi-generational investment. Refined interior finishes, climate control, renewable solar energy, and a fully insulated water system allow for convenient and capable 4-season camping.

Press Mentions

The door of a teardrop camper that has topographical lines from mountain ranges in Utah.

Internally we are driven to challenge an industry that historically lacks consideration for the customer experience and the life of the product by building a more beautiful, intuitive, and sustainably considered camper, but that goal is second to the original purpose of our company: to help people Find Their Wild. Adventure isn't only for the young, and with our products, at Escapod we hope to connect individuals and families of all ages to each other and the outdoors in truly awe-inspiring and meaningful ways, without compromise.

We love our trailers, but we might have a little bias! Check out what the rest of the industry has to say about Escapod's TOPO2.

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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