A woman pulling out the YETI cooler drawer slide in her camp kitchen of her adventure trailer.

Become an Escapod Ambassador!

Find yourself going on incredible journeys with your pod? Or chatting up admirers regularly when you're out and about?

We are looking for ambassadors that embody the Escapod values of excellence, adventure, simplicity, innovation, and integrity in their everyday lives. If you answered yes to either of the questions above – you might be the perfect fit!

We'd love for you to join our community to help prospective customers feel confident about embarking on their own camping journey!

The Perks

As an Escapod Ambassador (whether that be as a Guide or a Trailblazer) you’ll receive some awesome perks. These include Escapod swag, a coupon code for 20% off all Escapod merchandise, a Tread Lightly! membership, first access to all new product details, and special event invitations.

Additionally, Guides will receive $250 for each trailer sold that they showed to that prospective customer turned member of our Pod Squad!

Trailblazers will be compensated on a project basis for all approved content used on Escapod's social media channels and websites.


A family enjoying some campsite games in front of their teardrop camper.

If you find yourself showing off your Escapod to passersby and loving those interactions – you would be the perfect fit for an Escapod Guide.

Our Guides will show their trailer directly to potential customers, allowing those folks a first-hand look at an Escapod in a location that is more accessible to them than making the trip to Utah. During these interactions, you’ll be able to show off your personal pod and any customizations you’ve done to make your pod your very own!

Guide Requirements

To be a Guide, there are a few requirements that must be met. The first requirement is to love your Escapod and truly enjoy telling people about your experiences thus far with your pod!

Secondly, we do require that you keep your trailer in tip-top shape. We want customers to see an accurate depiction of our product and also know the true value of investing in an Escapod. To comply with this standard, we have developed our Escapod Guide Essentials Manual to help you navigate through proper cleaning procedures prior to a showing.

Finally, you will need to track the showings that you complete. For every showing that results in an Escapod purchase, you will receive compensation. After you show your trailer, please email our team at podpros@escapod.us so we can track your showings!


A teardrop camper set up in a beautiful campsite with green grass, pine trees, and mountain all around.

If you love documenting your adventures (visually or with the written word!), you may be interested in creating content for Escapod!

An Escapod Trailblazer will tell the unique story of their experiences out on the road in their teardrop trailer. When you pulled away with your pod, we knew that you would be camping in places that we might not ever see. We’d love to be able to showcase those stories and give everyone an inside look at what life with an Escapod can be!

Trailblazer Requirements

There are a few requirements that must be met to be eligible for being a content creator for Escapod. The most critical will be your skills in producing content! We are looking for all different types of content to use, so we want you to show us what you're best at whether that's photography, writing, or cinematography. In your application, you’ll be able to share your social channels and a portfolio to showcase your best work. We plan to use the content produced by you, our Trailblazer, on our own channels: Instagram, (@escapodtrailers), Facebook, our blog and our newsletters!

We would love to receive content - images, blogs, videos - from you regularly throughout the year so our viewers can follow along with your journey!

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