A picture of an Original TOPO, an offroad trailer set up at camp.

2022 Ultimate Holiday Wish List for Camping

By Taylor PratherNovember 21, 2022

Do you have someone on your list who frequently spends their time camping, backpacking, or is just outdoorsy in general? Or maybe you're creating a wish list as you patiently await a pickup notification for your newly built Escapod Trailer.

Whether new to camping or a seasoned outdoor pro, there's plenty of gear out there to choose from. To lend a hand in finding the perfect gift, we’ve put together a gift guide with all our tried and tested favorites for a good time spent sleeping outside.

For the Newbie

Camp basics are essential for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Some folks start with gear that was handed down to them or purchased at a local big box store. If you're someone looking to build your camping kit or are wanting to give a camping gift you know they'll use, here are a few gift ideas that meet almost any budget.

REI Membership - $30

A lifetime membership to REI Co-Op provides a lifetime of benefits for any outdoor enthusiast. From campers to backpackers, fishermen, bikers, hikers, skiers and so much more, it's easy to spend hours in an REI store or browsing their website for outdoor gear. A $30 REI membership unlocks a ton of perks and benefits from the giant outdoor retailer including free standard shipping (restrictions may apply) on online orders, an annual dividend, special offers, and discounts along with so much more. This stocking stuffer is the outdoor gift that will keep on giving!

Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp - $36.88

A Black Diamond headlamp that makes a great addition to a campsite.

Ever wondered how to get from the campfire to your tent without tripping or getting lost? Or what happens when nature calls in the middle of the night? A headlamp will do the trick. When the sun begins to set, most pros have their headlamps hanging around their necks or stashed in their camp chair pocket before darkness settles in. The Black Diamond Spot 350 is a low-profile headlamp that has a bunch of features packed into its small compartment. Plus with 350 lumens which is plenty of shine for late-night activities on their camping trips.

GSI Santoku Knife Set - $39.95

The injury that happens the most while outdoors is cuts (always have a first-aid kit handy). Don't mess around with a dull knife in the camp kitchen. Instead, consider the GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set. It comes with 3 different knives, including a serrated blade, as well as a foldable cutting board, soap bottle, and dishcloth. Throw a couple of utensils in the sleek zippered case and you've got about half your kitchen needs in one compact carryall. This holiday gift is sure to be a win for any camp chef.

Note: For those TOPO2 owners, keep in mind that this set comes standard with your camper!

Estwing E45A 26" Splitting Axe - $48.97

A photo of a splitting axe, in a log.

A night spent outdoors wouldn't be complete without a roaring campfire with marshmallows roasting. The Estwing 26" Splitting Axe is our go-to axe for beginners. Heck, we even take this thing out on our regular adventures. There's not much to say about an axe, but what we can share is that it's easy to use and works perfectly for splitting small logs, kindling, and pre-bought wood. A camping necessity you don't want to leave out, especially if you’re camping experience requires a fire for s’mores.

GSI Escape 3L Collapsible Pot & Pan - $89.95

Although it may seem like a steep purchase, this pot and pan are built to last while taking up very little space in the overall "camp kitchen." GSI Outdoors Escape set includes a 3L collapsible pot perfect for boiling water, while the non-stick 9-inch fry pan is a go-to for sautéing. In addition, it includes a lid that doubles as a strainer. Simple, reliable, and compact.

Kelty Deluxe Lounge Chair - $74.96

A cozy scene around a fireplace showing two camp chairs set ups, one with a dog resting in it.

A fan favorite, Kelty knows campsite comfort and the Deluxe Lounge Chair is no exception. Some things we typically look for in a camp chair include ample armchair storage, durability, and of course comfort! With dual beverage holders, three reclining positions, and adjustable armrests, this chair is built for lounging and is bound to make anyone a happy camper.

THE SPLURGE! Exped Megamat - Starting at $229

Ok, we know the price tag can be off-putting, but hear us out! One of the biggest challenges known to humankind when it comes to camping is sleeping outdoors. Primal in nature, we outdoor lovers have needs that sometimes go beyond a dirty tent floor. There are hundreds of options out there, and we've tried A LOT of them. Blow up mattresses, cots, sleeping pads in our sleeping bags, and sleeping systems.

A picture of a Mega Mat sleeping pad that is a great addition for any campsite.

The Exped MegaMat delivers in a way that does not compare. It may be way over-the-top for minimalist car campers with its bulky size, but for those who don't want to compromise a good night's sleep, this may be the solution. The self-inflating mattress provides the best of both worlds - air to keep you up off the group and foam for support (hello, side sleepers). Plus the durability of the exterior is virtually puncture-proof. Trust us, the dogs have tried.

For the Pro

They might think they have everything, but surprise them with something different that they'll actually use - every time. From camp cooking gadgets to comfort upgrades, give them something they will love.

Square Pie Iron (Pudgie Pie Maker) $34.90

A cheesy pizza sandwich, a gooey cinnamon roll, and a sweet and delicious hand pie. These are just a few recipe ideas for the Square Pie Iron.

While we're not sure where the origin of term Pudgie Pie came from, what we can tell you is that this is one of the easiest camp meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This coupled with a few Pudgie Pie recipes from Taste of Home and you're a contender for "best gift giver" of the holiday season!

Luci Solar String Lights by MPOWERED - $54.95

A picture of solar paneled twinkle lights that are a great addition for any campsite.

One of the best gifts we've ever received is the Luci Solar String Lights by MPOWERED.

With a generous 18 ft. length nylon cord, the lights feature 3 different brightness settings and a built-in rechargeable battery. The best part is, they're solar! We use these lights at EVERY SINGLE campsite and have lots of fun stringing them on trees, around our awning, or using them as a photo prop.

The North Face Thermoball Traction Booties - $69

2 pairs of different colored thermoball camp slippers on display at campsite.

Another item we don't leave home without (no seriously, we take these everywhere) is our Thermoball Traction Booties from The North Face. At this point we could probably dedicate an entire closet to these slippers, we have pairs for the house, and we have pairs for Podzilla. Needless to say, we're big fans. They're toasty warm, comfortable, convertible, and have a durable sole for outdoor use. Plus, they come out with new colors and patterns each season! So take it from us, these will make a great gift for anyone.

Hest Camp Pillow - $79

A picture of a hest camping pillow that can make for a great addition to a campsite.

Camp comfort is taken up a notch when migrating from inflatable pillows to standard bed pillows. Although it took up coveted space in our cars, we felt it was sometimes worth it. If this sounds like you (or someone you know) check out the Hest Camp Pillow. Combining the best of both worlds, Hest brings "high-quality memory foam comfort in a compact, portable adventure-ready package that packs into itself to protect the sleeping surface during travel." It's definitely a higher price point, but sometimes beauty sleep cannot be compromised.

A calming picture displaying the interior of a teardrop trailer with a blue rumpl.

Rumpl Blanket - Starting at $129

Whether heading out for a fall drive or cozying up to the campfire, a Rumpl Blanket is generally within arms reach. With a variety of stylish designs and sizes, These weather-proof all-season blankets are perfect for any type of adventurer, no matter the outdoor adventure.

Pro-tip for Escapod owners, the 2-Person Sherpa Puffy makes an ideal comforter for your camper whether that be your Original TOPO or the TOPO2!

Thermarest Honcho Poncho - $129.95

While we did just notice Rumpl's new poncho in collaboration with Carhartt, the Thermarest Honcho Poncho has been around for years and might have even been first on the scene with a puffy poncho. The poncho is essentially a wearable puffy blanket, which means it's comfortable, durable, and packable.

THE SPLURGE! Jackery 240 Portable Power Station - $219.99

A picture of a small Jackery generator that can make for a great addition to a campsite.

Power can be a challenge when camping, especially in dispersed areas without access to electricity. While we prefer a more primitive style of camping, we like keeping our devices charged and ready. That's where the Jackery 240 Portable Power Station comes in. The Jackery has multifunctional outputs perfect for keeping our camera, GoPros, phones, and other devices all on the charger at once. This product is especially great for long road trips or those working while on the road. Bonus tip, pair with the SolarSaga 100W for a complete off-grid solution.

For Anyone & Everyone

An easy gift for any outdoor lover is to head to Escapod's Merch Store. They have gifts for everyone. With options ranging from French presses and camp cups to complete your camp kitchen, to sweaters, t-shirts, and hoodies to keep you cozy at camp.

For the month of December 2022, Escapod will be offering free shipping for any order placed for the holidays, so be sure to place your order soon!

Regardless of the camping gear, the most valuable part of the outdoor experience is actually being outdoors. A chance to connect with our natural environment and explore the beauty of our surroundings. Perhaps the greatest camping gift of all is experiencing it with the ones we love.

A photo with a family cooking in their TOPO2, a premium adventure trailer.

About the Author:

Taylor Prather is the co-founder of Podzilla Off-Road, a channel created to inspire, educate, and motivate overlanders and aspiring adventurers. Prather, her husband, and their two dogs are currently traveling throughout the west in their Escapod Original TOPO, affectionately named Podzilla. Follow their journey on Instagram.

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