Two women and a small child enjoying their campsite next to a teardrop camper.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Moms Who Love to Camp

By Jess VernonApril 29, 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re anything like us, you’re still looking for the perfect gift. Lucky for you, we’ve created an Escapod Mother’s Day Gift Guide for moms who love to camp! Read on for a little gift-spiration!

A Weekend Getaway in an Escapod Rental

If you don’t own an Escapod yet, but mom is drooling over one, give her a taste of the experience by booking a weekend getaway!

A black teardrop camper set up ina desert landscape with a rooftop tent mounted on top.

Here at Escapod, we have a rental fleet of our trailers available during the camping season (April-October). When you book a rental, you & mom will get a full walkthrough of the amenities of the trailer. The Escapod will come fully stocked with bedding, a galley cooking set, a first aid kit, and more! This makes the trip worry-free for mom, so she can truly enjoy it. You can check out all of our standard features and amenities on our website: Escapod Rentals.

After a full run-down of the trailer with our team, you’ll be ready to set off on your Mother’s Day adventure! Don’t own a tow vehicle either? No problem. Check out our blog, How to Rent a Teardrop Trailer, and it’ll walk you through all the details.

To help with this perfect gift, we have a Mother’s Day promo code for rentals booked in the month of May! We will be offering 15% off your rental with the code ESCAMOM. This rental will need to be booked within this camping season (now through October 2022).

The “Write” Stuff

If mom is into sinking her teeth into a good book or documenting her life with pen & paper, we’ve got some great ideas for when she’s out and about on the open road.

The cover of the "She Explores" book depicts a woman standing on top of a rock with her arms in the air in celebration.

She Explores is a great option for any outdoorsy mom. This beautiful coffee table book is “a spirited celebration of female bravery and courage and an inspirational companion for any woman who wants to travel the world on her own terms.”

A spiral bound journal designed specifically for camping.

A camping journal is a perfect way for mom to document all her memories of doing the activities she loves - whether they’re with her family, or during those much-needed solo trips. It will make for the perfect memory book once it’s all filled out.

If you’re worried about books taking up space, a great recommendation for avid readers is a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. With this option, you can purchase some Kindle books that are perfect for the campground such as A Woman’s Guide to the Wild or one of our personal favorites by Cheryl Strayed Wild.

Graphic for a kindle for a mother's day gift.
A graphic for the book Wild, a great mother's day gift.
Graphic for a Woman's Guide to the Wild, a perfect gift for mother's day.

Cozy Comforts

Let’s be honest, moms deserve all the comfort there is to offer. Why not gift some comfort for her camping experience? A little extra comfort will go a long way in making every trip a full recharge.

Graphic for a portable hammock chair, a perfect mother's day gift.

Sitting by camp in a special spot where mom can lean back and truly relax will allow her to truly enjoy the experience. A portable hammock chair offers the perfect refuge to cozy up and enjoy her spot around the campfire. 

A graphic for a Rumpl puffy blanket, a great mother's day gift.

You can’t ever go wrong with a new blanket, especially a Rumpl Puffy blanket. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you can really cater it to fit your mom’s personal style and make it all the more special.

A graphic for a North Face mule shoe, a great mother's day gift.

After a long day’s adventure, it’s always nice to get out of stiff hiking shoes & slip into something a little more comfortable. We’re talking about some cozy camp slippers. The NORTH FACE Thermoball traction mule will not only make mom’s feet more comfortable but also keep them warm for any weather you may face.

Galley Gifts

Every kitchen needs a cook, and if yours is mom, here are some perfect gifts for her.

Graphic for a Corkcicle, a great mother's day gift.

Does mom have a favorite bottle of wine? Buy her that & pair it with a Corkcicle so she can take it camping with her! A Corkcicle can help safely transport her favorite wine to every campsite. This gift is definitely a game-changer for mom to pair her favorite wine with campsite dinner with ease.

A stack of 6 spice containers with various colored lids.

When mom gets into her camp kitchen, we want her to have access to all the spices she would at home. While you can’t have a giant spice rack with you on every trip, you can load up on spices and use portable spice containers to bring your kitchen to your campsite!

Graphic for a dish towel that says "Adventure More" on it, a great mother's day gift.
Black and white checkered oven mitt and pot holders on a white background.

Make mom’s galley her very own by purchasing some cute decorative towels to give a little extra flair. If you’d like to take it a step further, you could make her whole galley themed, by adding some potholders too.

A Little Something Extra

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. There are a few gifts that may not be a necessity but could really enhance mom’s camping experience.

A graphic for a National Parks Pass, a great mother's day gift.

A gift that keeps on giving is a U.S National Park Pass. This pass will set mom up for many trips & adventures for the entire year. It will open doors for exploring many new locations – gaining access to 2,000 Federal Recreation sites!

A stack of four square wonder pax instant heat packs.

No one needs to wake up with a kinked neck or a sore back, especially mom. A Wonder Pax heating and cooling pack could be the perfect present! This reusable, multi-purpose gel pack is effective in relieving muscle and joint pain. Not to mention, utilizing the heat function could keep mom nice and toasty while she rests!

Graphic for trekking poles, a great mother's day gift.

Once base camp is established, is mom one to go off to start exploring? It might be nice to have some trekking poles for her to explore the hiking trails around each campsite you visit. Montem Trekking Poles are lightweight, collapsible, and incredibly strong for long-term use.

We hope this helps spark some great ideas for the best Mother’s Day gift yet for all the Esca-Moms out there. Looking for a little bit more? You can always visit our Amazon Storefront for additional recommendations from our team for all these outdoor needs & additions to your mom’s camping experience!

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