A beautiful camp kitchen in a teardrop camper.

The 9 Most Common Escapod Original TOPO Add-Ons

By Jen HudakNovember 20, 2020

A custom-built teardrop trailer is a dream, but with so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose your setup. Sometimes it's helpful to crowdsource and learn from those who already have a teardrop. Read on to learn about the nine most common Escapod Original TOPO add-ons!

The Normal Four

For starters, let's talk about what we've internally dubbed as the "normal four:" the stove, propane tank, water heater, and water tank. These features are so common that it's weird when we see a build come through without them. Nearly 97% of customers get these add-ons and we can see why.

Close up of a ENO two-burner stove & propane tank on a teardrop camper.
A hot water heater/shower mounted on the exterior of a black and grey offroad trailer.

One of the main reasons to get an Escapod is to simplify your camping experience. We want you to spend more of your time having fun with family and friends and less time packing, unpacking, and setting up camp.

Having a built-in stove and 21 gallons of water on board does just that. The simple dual-purpose water system allows you to rinse your feet after a long day on the trails and access to on-demand hot water helps you take care of dirty dishes in no time.

Solar Panel

After the normal four, the solar panel is the next most requested add-on. Designed and manufactured by Lightleaf Solar in Toronto, Canada, our 100W solar panel is a no-brainer.

A rear shot of a teardrop trailer showing a propane mount, solar panel, and spare tire all mounted to the sides and rear.
A rear shot of a teardrop trailer displaying the solar panel

Designed to match the curve of our trailer, this carbon fiber panel weighs merely 3 pounds. It's fully integrated and will charge your trailer while you drive. Once at camp, you can remove the panel and place it up to 12' away to maximize sun exposure, while keeping your pod parked in the shade.

Door Screens

Airflow inside of any small space, like a teardrop trailer, is a hot topic. Our trailers come standard with two side doors for easy access in and out. When both of these doors are open, you can create an optimal cross-breeze.

Bug screens installed on a teardrop camper in the doorway.
Bug screens installed on a teardrop camper in the doorway.
Bug Screens rolled up and stored nicely in the doorway of a teardrop camper.

To stop bugs from getting into your camper while maximizing airflow, we added an option for custom door screens created by Overland Gear Guy in Salt Lake City. With magnetic closure, the screens easily move to the side when you want to get in or out of your trailer and fall neatly into place to close.

Window Covers

A seemingly simple add-on, the window covers are in high-demand! While our trailers are fully-insulated on the floor, ceiling, and walls, the stargazer window and side doors are not.

An Escapod Original TOPO teardrop camper in a studio against a white backdrop. A solar panel and spare tire accent the trailer.
Birch interior of a teardrop trailer, showing a full queen size mattress, angled headboard, and stargazer window.

These window covers not only serve as a blackout shade so you can sleep past sunrise but also provide a useful layer of insulation. This helps keep the pod warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It's also a great additional layer to minimize condensation on the windows and to provide privacy while inside your trailer.

Aluminum Tongue Box

Many of our employees claim that this is their favorite add-on, and we can see why! Our tongue box provides an additional 16 cubic feet of versatile storage space - a must-have when it comes to tiny living!

A teardrop trailer with drawer slides with a fridge/freezer in the tongue box.
A black tongue box mounted on a teardrop trailer, with a ROAM Adventure Co box mounted on top.

The L-track on top of the box allows for versatile additional storage, (you can haul anything from firewood to extra gear!) while the locking doors on both sides keep your belongings safe and protected from the elements!⁠ With the ROAM 95L on top, you can increase storage capacity to 19.5 cubic feet.⁠

Additionally, the 500 lb. drawer slides create a streamlined solution to store an extra fridge/freezer or a cooler. Food can be stored in the galley, while you can keep beverages cold up front! In the opposite compartment of the tongue box, you'll find an enclosed, yet easy-to-access location for your battery with no need to mess with annoying tie-downs!

Electric Brakes

Finally, we arrive at the electric brakes! While not essential due to the lightweight nature of our teardrops, they are very helpful in reducing general wear and tear on your tow vehicle. We especially recommend electric brakes for vehicles on the lower range of towing capacity (2000-3000 lbs.), though they are a game-changer when it comes to the long-term health and cost savings on your tow vehicle, no matter if you have a Subaru Outback or an F-150.

An image of the suspension system of a teardrop camper.
Offroad wheels and tires mounted onto a small teardrop trailer.

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