Two TOPO2 Voyagers being towed by Bronco Nations.

How to Import a Travel Trailer to Canada

You are ready to purchase your TOPO2 but need to know the logistics of getting your trailer from our headquarters, Coalville, UT, back home to Canada. Simply follow the 4 steps outlined below to ensure you are ready to cross the boarder with your TOPO2 in tow.


Two TOPO2 Voyagers being towed by Bronco Nations.

Before we jump into the 4 steps, let's chat about pre-clearance! You'll want to pre-cleared for compliance and importing your trailer into Canada. This can be done by clearance letter from the trailer manufacturer. Recall clearance documents verify that any defects identified by the manufacturer as a potential safety risk to the vehicle’s operator, occupants and public at large, have been corrected.

Step 1 - Register Import Vehicle Ahead of Time

Save yourself some time with importation at the border! Simply register with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles in advance. This can be done at any point before you cross the border or even during border crossing.

  1. Start by setting up an accounting with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) on their website. Pro Tip: If you register an account rather than proceeding as a guest it will help you keep up with your documents and forms more easily!
  2. Fill out the Vehicle Import Form 1 by clicking on the 'Create an E-Form' button.
  3. Set up your profile using your personal information.
  4. Create a New Form. Select the type of import, enter your boarding crossing info, the vehicle information (see more below), and the vendor information (see more below).
  5. Upload required documents (title, recall letter, Images of your Trailer)
  6. Review and Submit Payment

Be sure to write down/print any confirmation and reference numbers to take with you to Canada.

Vehicle Information:

  • VIN: You can obtain your VIN from your invoice or from one of our Pod Pros.
  • Manufacturer: Escapod Trailers
  • Make: Escapod
  • Model: TOPO2

Vendor Information:

  • Vendor Name: Escapod Trailers
  • Mailing Address: 627 S Main St, Coalville, UT 84017

Step 2 - Fax Documents

It's getting closer to the you'll be crossing into Canada with your new trailer! You'll need to fax two complete copies of the Title to U.S. Customs 72 hours before your crossing to Canada. This is done to satisfy the U.S. Customs Vehicle Export requirements.

Step 3 - At the Border of Canada

At the border of Canada, you may be asked for original title, registration (or proof of ownership), sales receipts, Vehicle Import Form (Form 1), and the recall clearance letters. With this documentation, you should have a smooth border crossing experience.

U.S. Customs: You will need to present the original title and the Travel Trailer to the U.S. border patrols. They will already have the other two copies that were faxed to them, but you may want to bring two more just in case.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): The CBSA officers are going to check that your vehicle is admissible, check that you have necessary documentation including the Title and registration or proof of ownership and provide you with the Vehicle Import Form (Form 1).

Fill out Form 1 and keep it in your vehicle. You will need this to get your vehicle licensed in your province or territory.

You may also be able to pay your RIV registration fees at the border. Some border crossing locations will allow you to pay with credit card or cash, while others do not have this capability. If you do have the option of paying it at the border, it will make the next steps easier.

Step 4 - After Border Crossing

You've made it! There are just a few more steps to be completed after your vehicle entry into Canada. You'll have a 45-day grace period to any needed modifications done and to get an RIV inspection. The steps to complete this are:

  1. First things first, pay your RIV Registration fee. Once paid, you'll be mailed an RIV inspection form.
  2. Take your trailer to an authorized inspection center. Most Canada Tire location are authorized centers.
  3. Once you pass, you'll be mailed a Canadian Clearance sticker and be able to get it licensed in your state or province.

Need More Information?

Bronco towing an Escapod TOPO2

If you are looking for a little more information about importing vehicles to Canada, we'd recommend going right to the source, The Registrar of Imported Vehicles.

Phone Number: 1-888-848-8240

Email: [email protected]

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