TOPO2 Voyager in a campsite overlooking the Pacific Ocean next to a Ford Bronco.

Explore the TOPO2 Mechanicals

TOPO2 was designed differently than other teardrops on the market. A lot of components of other campers are mounted on the exterior making it vulnerable to weather. When TOPO2 was designed, all mechanical elements were nested into the interior of the trailer.

TOPO2 Voyager Mechanicals

A rendering displaying the Utilities Closet within the TOPO2, an adventure trailer.

The TOPO2 Voyager has all its mechanical components stored within the utility closet between the galley and the cabin. This design choice paired with the Aqua-Hot Gen1 makes the TOPO2 truly 4 seasons.

TOPO2 Nomad Mechanicals

A rendering of the TOPO2 Nomad, featuring the camp kitchen with jerry cans, YETI cooler, cutting board, and table.

The TOPO2 Nomad trim level focuses on the essentials and gives you more space to bring along gear you already own. The mechanicals for this trailer have been reduced but are still stored internally, opening up storage space and still making this trailer 3 season capable.

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TOPO2, an offroad trailer, parked in the deserts of Utah.
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Two TOPO2 Voyagers being towed by Ford Broncos near the beach.
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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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