A Moss TOPO2, a custom adventure trailer by Escapod Trailer, parked in the San Rafael Swell lit up by the glow of a campfire.

Explore the TOPO2 Mechanicals

TOPO2 was designed differently than other teardrops on the market. A lot of components of other campers are mounted on the exterior making it vulnerable to weather. When TOPO2 was designed, all mechanical elements were nested into the Utilities closet, a space that lives in between the galley storage and cabin storage.

This change allowed us to create a truly 4 season camper to allow you to get off the beaten path all year round.


Behind the modular shelving in a teardrop trailer galley, shows the interior mechanicals. This includes a battery setup to power the trailer.

A 100 amp hour VPR 4EVER lithium battery by Expion 360 powers the 12V system throughout the trailer, giving power to all LED lights, the fan, the charging points on the nightstands, and the Simarine systems monitor.

A lithium-ion battery is capable of a quick, allowing you to last off the grid longer when paired with the Solar Panel that comes standard with each TOPO2 build.

LED Lighting

Throughout every TOPO2 build, we strategically placed dimmable LED lighting in the cabin & galley, ground lights beneath each entry door, and dual porch lights next to each door will illuminate your nights. The adjustable brightness feature allows you to customize the lighting to your desired level of illumination, making it perfect for reading, cooking, or simply relaxing after a long day of exploring.

A TOPO2 trailer parked in a camping spot with the city of Chicago in the background.
A couple sit around the fire while their TOPO2, a custom offroading trailer, sits  glow behind them.

140W Solar Panel

A green teardrop trailer parked in a desert landscape at sunset.

Escapod partnered with Lightleaf Solar to create a custom solar panel that mounts perfectly to the hatch of the TOPO2. This 140W Solar Panel recharges the battery making it possible to stay off the grid longer.

In addition, the Solar Panel comes with a 12 ft. extension cord so you can park your trailer in the shade, but still, capture the sun to charge your battery. Due to the standard 140W fully-integrated solar panel and fast-charging lithium batteries, this system is almost always regenerative.

Truma Combi Eco Plus

The Truma Combi Eco Plus serves two purposes for the TOPO2. It provides cabin heat for the trailer using integrated forced-air heating ducts to warm the space. Airflow is directed strategically across the stargazer window & side doors which creates a warm air pocket further insulating the cabin & reducing condensation on the double-pane windows.

The Truma Combi not only heats the cabin air but also provides instant hot water to our stunning fully-integrated stainless steel sink. Unlike other sinks, this one is actually large enough to do dishes & easily fill a pot for cooking.

A rendering of the removable panel in the TOPO2 galley.
TOPO2 Rendering

MaxxAir Fan

The cabin of a custom teardrop trailer by Escapod Trailers, displaying cabin storgage, night stands, and a Maxx Airfan.

This easy-to-run standard four-speed exhaust fan is perfect for helping create airflow in the cabin, helping to prevent condensation and cooling down the cabin from those warmer days.

MaxxAir fan is standard in every TOPO2 for a comfortable and refreshing camping experience. With its powerful motor and 4-speed settings, this fan will keep your trailer cool and well-ventilated, no matter the temperature outside, ensuring that you can stay comfortable all day and night.

21-Gallon Water Tank

It’s nested inside the insulated trailer reducing concerns over freezing temps. Combined with a unique water cut-off, the water system can be used year-round. We also made it easier to refill your tank when you’re out in the wild using a water fill port on the side of the trailer that doesn’t require pressurized water.

Water dripping from the gravity pour on the side of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer by Escapod Trailers.
Winter camping in an adventure camper, cooking a camp meal.

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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