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Will my build be delayed if I stay with Original TOPO?
No. We’ve worked incredibly hard to make our process for building the Original TOPO more efficient. We’ll continue to produce at higher than projected rates for the next few months while we refine the TOPO2 prototype and ready our facilities to go into production. We anticipate a number of current Original TOPO customers will want to move to the TOPO2, which means that there’s even a possibility that if you’re scheduled for later in 2022 you may have the opportunity to move up in the queue.
Keywords: topo2, order timeline, delivery date
When will I get my TOPO2?
In 2022. We’d love to be more specific than that, but until we understand the demand for TOPO2 more accurately we don’t know what changes will need to be made to our manufacturing facilities to accommodate the new model. We’re aiming to have you ready for camping season in 2022, and will be giving frequent updates throughout the rest of 2021 as we know more.
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Will you help me resell my trailer?
Escapod is not directly involved in the resale of any trailer, but there are many groups on Facebook and other classified sites where you can list the trailer to find a buyer. We’ve had a handful of our customers sell their trailers over the years, and none have had it listed for more than a few days before finding a buyer.
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How do you know the TOPO2 will work?
We’re more proud of the TOPO2 than anything we’ve ever done. This seed of an idea began in July 2020 and we’ve worked tirelessly as a team and with other professionals to do this the right way. We’ve been uncompromising in our vision, and now, having actually built the prototype, we have more faith in it than ever. We love solving problems, and this project checked a lot of our must-haves and most of our nice-to-haves off the list. Part of knowing it will work is standing behind it, and we’re so confident in the changes we’ve made to the TOPO2 that we’ve increased our warranty from 1 to 5 years on all manufacturer’s defects.
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How did you arrive at the cost of TOPO2?
The cost of our trailers was considered on two fronts: first, what are the raw material and labor costs to make this trailer? And second, how much value will this trailer offer above what the rest of the market can offer? When considering the first we did a thorough assessment of our bill of materials (BOM), evaluated vendors, sent consumption projections, negotiated the pricing, and looked at our startup costs to manufacture this type of trailer (molds aren’t cheap!). After getting an accurate estimate of how much our costs would be, we aimed for margins that would continue to allow us to hire great talent, refine our product, and grow our footprint. We then made sure that this price point would sit us well inside the range of our competitors. It’s more expensive than the Original TOPO, yes, but after improving every component and process, packing the trailer full of features, and increasing durability, we feel strongly that we’ve added significant value with TOPO2, and created a trailer that will outperform and outlast any trailer on the market.
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I’m not sure, how long do I have to make my decision?
Any person currently in the queue with a deposit paid will have until July 16th, 2021 to decide whether they’d like to continue with their Original TOPO build as scheduled, or upgrade to TOPO2.
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Will the price of the Original TOPO be changing?
No, the price of the Original TOPO will not change due to the introduction of the TOPO2. If we continue to produce the Original TOPO in years to come the price is subject to change based on the fluctuations of the cost of materials and labor, but our prices are locked for 2021.
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Will you still be able to provide service/warranty support for the Original TOPO?
Yes, we’ve recently made this a full-time role to address any issue, big or small, quickly and efficiently. We know things happen, and we have one of our most seasoned craftsmen on call to get you back on the road.
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Will there still be new developments for the Original TOPO?
We’ve developed new features for the Original TOPO for years, and while there will always be ways to improve, our Original TOPO will never be dramatically different than it is today. Small changes that increase longevity and usability will always be considered, but they will no longer be our sole focus. Crossover items, like hitch-mount accessories, etc. will be things that may be available in the future for the Original TOPO.
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Is the Original TOPO still a great trailer?
Absolutely! We love this little trailer and are still excited to be building it. What we’re not excited about is always having a year-long queue, and one of the main reasons for TOPO2 was to make a trailer that was made with a process that could truly work at scale. If we maintain two manufacturing lines to continue producing this trailer into the future we imagine it may simplify in ways to make it more manufacturable, but no less awesome.
I’ve already confirmed my order for the Original TOPO, can I still switch to the TOPO2?
This answer may change on a case-by-case basis. If your trailer is already being built then you will not be able to switch. That said, TOPO2 isn’t going into production until 2022, so you should totally get your Original TOPO, enjoy the hell out of it this year and then see where you’re at come the off-season. We plan to be around for a while, and if the Original TOPO is any indication, the TOPO2 will only get better with time.
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What features are standard on the TOPO2?
Part of designing this was to intentionally design a permanent place for many features that are optional in the Original TOPO. Things like an integrated tongue box, HUGE stargazer window, adjustable roof racks, 140W solar panel, lithium-ion battery, 21-gallon insulated water tank, Truma Combi water/air heating unit, an ENO two-burner stove, and even bigger 75L YETI Tundra. Check out the TOPO2 product page to learn more.
What features are optional on the TOPO2?
Our goal for TOPO2 was to create a suite of customizations that are truly ‘bolt-on’. By including more in the base package and making accessories easy to install on the trailer during construction or post-build we’ve both simplified the manufacturing process, and made it easier to add on to your trailer over time as your needs evolve. Check out the TOPO2 product page to learn more.

Build Specifications

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What are the exterior dimensions of the Original TOPO?
The exterior length of an Original TOPO from tip-to-tip is 154”. Widest exterior point is 84” (fender to fender). The tallest point on the base model is 76”. The tallest point with a rooftop tent is 88”. The Freeride Suspension System adds 2" to both of those previous measurements. Cabin/body external dimensions are 108” long x 60” wide x 48” tall. The sleeping quarters are 92” long x 56.5” wide x 42” tall. The mattress is 80” x 56.5” x 5” thick. Standard clearance is 18” from the ground to lowest point on the frame. Counter height in the galley is 40” from the ground.
Keywords: Size, specs, width, height, length
Will the TOPO2 fit in my garage?
TOPO2's base model (without the rooftop tent or Freeride Suspension System) is 82” tall by 84” wide by 154” long. This will fit in most standard 7’ garages, but please measure everything before you commit to a purchase if you have storage limitations. If you include the tent the height goes up to 88” (90" with the Freeride Suspension System), which exceeds a 7’ garage, but would fit fine in an 8’ garage. We only offer one size tent as of 2021, but there are more low profile options on the market that you could add post-build. The Freeride Suspension System adds an additional 2" of vertical height to the unit.
How is the Original TOPO's frame constructed?
Escapod teardrops are minimalist, rugged, four-season trailers. We build the Original TOPO from the ground up at our shop in Coalville, Utah starting with the 5’ x 8’ frame welded from 2” x 2” x 1/8” thick tube steel. The A-frame tongue is constructed of 2” x 2” x 3/16” tube steel, with two angled members and one center tube welded across three cross members of the frame.

Four 2” receiver points are welded into the frame: one on the tongue to allow for various hitch setups, one in the rear for accessories during travel, and two as the rear supports for each fender that provide step support as well as basecamp accessory mounts.

Fenders are laser-cut and bent out of 1/8” thick mild steel, firmly bolted to the frame, and weight-rated to stand on. An angled fender step connects the fender to the frame, making roof racks easily accessible. This step also houses water inputs and outputs for the water tank.
How do you protect the frame?
All of our frames (both the Original TOPO's and TOPO2's) are welded in-house and then prepped, sand-blasted, and then galvanized in Salt Lake Valley with Jordan River Galvanizing.

The fenders, as well as the tongue deck and boxes, are pre-coated with a durable base coat and rust prohibitor, then top-coated with a bed liner product for a rugged look and durable finish.
What kind of suspension does the Original TOPO have?
All Original TOPO trailers come with an independent suspension Dexter Torflex torsion axle rated to 3500 lbs.

Our proprietary Freeride Suspension design swaps the Original TOPO's rubber torsion-style axle for a fully independent suspension. Our trailing-arm design with shock and coil-over setup means more clearance, maximum travel, and an incredibly smooth and capable ride. (Due to the required size of the spindle, this upgrade is only compatible with our standard 6-bolt hub pattern). You can learn more about that system on our blog by clicking here.
What bolt pattern do the stock wheels on the Original TOPO come with?
The Original TOPO comes stock with a 6/5.5 bolt pattern. This means there are 6 bolts on the hub, and the measurement from the center of the bolt at 12 o’clock to the bolt at 6 o’clock measures 5.5”.
Can you match the bolt pattern of my vehicle?
Trailer hubs are different than vehicle hubs, and we don’t always have the flexibility of matching your vehicle’s bolt pattern (especially if you have a metric pattern). We prefer to stick to our standard 6/5.5 pattern (compatible with many Toyotas). If you are selecting the upgraded suspension, we cannot match the bolt pattern of your vehicle as the spindle size requires our 6/5.5 bolt pattern. If you're concerned about compatibility with your vehicle's spare tire, consider adding our spare tire option.
Does Escapods come with full-size wheels and tires?
The standard wheel for the Original TOPO is a Vision 355 Manx 2 Overland wheel in Satin Black, measuring 16" x 8" with a 6/5.5 bolt pattern. Our standard tire is a 265/75R/16 (31.6") General Tire Grabber APT all-terrain tire. Utilizing a robust, cut- and chip-resistant tread compound molded into a symmetric pattern, the Grabber APT's ComfortBalance™ Technology places an absorption layer under the tread to isolate the driver from imperfections in the road. The internal construction of the Grabber APT features General's DURAGEN construction to aid durability and provide a wide, flat footprint for even wear, braking performance, and handling response. The two wide, ultra-high-strength steel belts deliver resistance to punctures, in addition to supporting the tread for confident stability under heavy loads.

The standard wheel for the TOPO2 is a Vision 355 Manx 2 Overland wheel in Satin Grey, measuring 16" x 8" with a 6/5.5 bolt pattern. The standard tire is a 265/75R16 General Tire A/TX all-terrain tire . General's Comfort Balance Technology utilizes an absorption layer under the tread and acoustic tread pattern to enhance ride and sound comfort, and the wide footprint and optimized pattern stiffness help evenly distribute pressure for even wear and long life. Stone bumpers between the alternating shoulder blocks help eject rocks and debris to prevent drilling, and Sidewall Protection Lugs are designed to protect from sidewall punctures. This tire can also be selected as an upgrade on the Original TOPO trailer as well.
What’s the Original TOPO's max tire size?
The fender design on the Original TOPO is built to comfortably house the stock, full-sized 31.6” diameter tire as well as tires up to 285/75R/16, at 32.7” diameter.
What materials and processes are used for the cabin construction of the Original TOPO?
The cabin structure for the Original TOPO Series trailer touts a completely mortise-and-tenon construction, with 100% CNC-designed components that fit together perfectly, auto-squaring the frame, and firmly reinforcing the structure.

The cabin structure begins with a 2 x 4 wood frame, wrapped in durable woven RV underbelly fabric, and insulated for warmth. The floor in the sleeping area is 1/2” pre-finished baltic birch wood, and 1/2” HDPE (high density polyethylene) in the galley area. Onto that we install the 1.5” thick insulated sidewalls with 5/8” pre-finished baltic birch for all the cabinet dividers and faces. The interior walls are finished with 1/4” pre-finished baltic birth (1/2” HDPE in the galley), and the ceiling with 1/8” pre-finished baltic birch to smoothly match the curve of our teardrop shape. The roof is finished off with 1.5” insulation and 2x3 roof spars for crossmember support.

The exterior of the cabin features .060” anodized (black or clear) or painted (white) aluminum. The aluminum is adhered to the sidewalls and the roof, the edge seams are sealed with vinyl tape, then butyl tape and anodized aluminum trim, and finally with a silicon edge to both sides of the trim. This process fully seals the edges from water and dust.
Does your Original TOPO trailer leak? How is it waterproofed?
We’ve fully considered all aspects of our trailer to ensure water tightness and reduce penetration by dust in the Original TOPO. The underbelly is fully sealed by a heavy-duty RV underbelly fabric that wraps around the base frame and up the exterior of the sidewalls (in between the wood and aluminum) to create an impenetrable barrier. The seams along the Original TOPO's cabin construction are triple-sealed with vinyl tape, butyl tape, anodized trim, and a silicon edge along both sides of the trim. Doors and windows are sealed with high-quality butyl (putty tape), and proper water management systems with weep holes are built into the side door windows. The rear hatch has a drain on each side that exits unwanted water collection above the hatch hinge. Should any water enter the galley area during use, the HDPE construction of the walls, floor, and drawers prevents any damage and makes the area very easy to clean.
How do you prevent condensation in the Original TOPO?
Any small camper will generate some level of condensation inside the cabin during sleep. This effect of temperature differential is greatly reduced by a few techniques: First, always have the cabin vented. This is important not only for oxygen flow but also for removing the humid air from inside the trailer so it doesn’t collect on the walls and ceiling. Each trailer comes with a high-quality, four-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan. The lowest settings are hardly audible and highly recommended to run year-round during sleeping. In addition to using the fan during all conditions, the optional insulated window covers are easily attached with magnets around the stargazer and door windows. Implementing these aids in keeping temperatures up in cold weather, but also creating a barrier between the air inside the camper and the glass windows and aluminum trim (areas most likely to condensate). Additional tips include making sure no damp clothing is inside the trailer during sleeping, and sleepers inside are capped at 2 adults or 3 children. If you do notice any condensation in the morning, just keep a towel handy and wipe down the walls, doors, and windows upon waking. Once up and about, keep the doors open and the fan on to air out the cabin for an hour after waking.
How is the Original TOPO's kitchen / galley set up?
The Original TOPO's galley is designed for simplicity and efficiency, without compromising utility. Beginning with the HDPE construction, the galley is not only water-resistant, but incredibly easy to clean, and less affected by exposure to sunlight than traditional wooden galley materials. The hatch opens with 90 lb gas struts and offers 78” of clearance to the lowest corner. The Original TOPO's stainless steel countertop sits at a convenient height of 40”, making it comfortable for people of all heights.

The recessed stainless steel, two-burner stove is built by ENO and constructed into the counter for full use of various pot and pan sizes, and all tightly secured and rattle-free for off-road travel. The unit comes with a piezo ignition button and 8500 and 6000 BTU burners.

Beneath the stove are two locking drawers (only one if you've added the propane heater to your build), made of 1/2” HDPE, and a 65L Yeti Tundra cooler on the right side, situated in a cooler tray with full extension, 500 lb heavy-duty locking drawer slides. The Yeti can be upgraded to a Dometic CFX3 35 12V fridge/freezer. This is the max size unit we can fit in this space for both models.

The cabinets behind the countertop feature various width and height cabinets, all with a depth of 12”. The cabinet faces themselves are multi-use, with the larger face on the left removable to serve as an exterior-mounted table with adjustable leg-height, and the right face serving dual purpose as a cutting board.

The galley features overhead warm LED lighting.
Can you build a sink into the Original TOPO's kitchen area?
We do not offer a plumbed sink into the Original TOPO's galley. We’ve done this in the past, and feel strongly that the compromise in space and risk of water damage over the long term is not worth the added cost and slight increase in convenience. We provide a table that can set up directly beneath the on-demand hot water heater on the exterior of the trailer. When used with a washbasin, this gives all the same utility with less cost and risk of damage.
Will I fit in the cabin of the Original TOPO? How long is the sleeping area?
The sleeping area of the Original TOPO is built around a 56.5” x 80” x 5” high-quality foam mattress. This mattress is a single piece, with no seams, and no folding points to maximize comfort while sleeping.

The interior cabin height is 42” at its max point, with 17.5” of clearance at it lowest point (the foot of the bed, under the cabinets), measured before mattress install. The design of the cabin is optimized for sleeping, but offers plenty of storage, and a very comfortable setup for sitting and relaxing during the day.

The headboard is designed at a 110 degree angle to both maximize sleeping space, as well as provide a backrest for lounging, with the top of the headboard offering opportunities to rest your elbows. The addition of this feature plus the stargazer window included in every build considerably reduces the claustrophobic feeling that some campers have. Combined with two doors, and tiered cabinets for more knee room, the cabin of our trailers offers considerable space and comfort for customers up to 6’7".

Mattress specs can be found at
How do you insulate the Original TOPO trailer?
All Original TOPO trailers are built with insulated walls, floors, and ceiling. Floors and ceiling have 1.5” R-Tech rigid foam insulation (5.78 R value), and the walls have 3/4” polystyrene panel insulation (2.65 R value). The 5” foam mattress adds considerably to the overall comfort and warmth of our cabin. The stargazer window is a double-pane window, designed to reduce heat loss, and the doors we use have a 1.5” insulated foam construction.
Do you have environmental specs for the materials you use?
Our mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified (manufactured without formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, or phthalate softening agents), and has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

The baltic birch plywood we use is sealed with a ‘low VOC’ (36 grams/liter) sealer and top coat of ‘zero VOC’ (<3 grams/liter) semi-gloss finish.

We use as many materials and vendors as we can locally to reduce the cost (environmental and financial) of domestic and international freight. While it is not always possible to use local and highly environmentally friendly processes and suppliers for all of our components, we do the best we can, and care about these issues ourselves and on behalf of our customers.
What kind of battery do you use in the Original TOPO? What kind of system does it power?
Escapod's Original TOPO base model power system is a 12V system wired directly to an SRM 27 deep cycle RV battery. The battery type is a wet, lead acid battery from Interstate. Our standard system that draws power from this battery is: one 36” warm, recessed LED cabin light, two directional LED porch lights, one warm LED galley light, a 4-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan, four USB chargers, and one 12V cigarette outlet style plug.
What is the max storage capacity of the Original TOPO?
All Original TOPO trailers come with the base storage capacity of: 16” x 56.5” x 8” cabin headboard storage, three 19” x 16” x 12” interior lockable cabinets, three 19” x 7” x 6” interior cubbies, one 22” x 3” x 13” galley drawer, one 22” x 6” x 13” galley drawer, and 56.5” x 16” x 12” of enclosed kitchen cabinet storage.

Storage options for the tongue include a custom 2’ x 2’ x 4’ aluminum storage box with optional cooler drawer slide and L-tracks on top for exterior tie downs, a 160L Roam Rugged case, or a 95L Roam Rugged case.

The 95L case is also sized to fit perfectly on the roof, with max space available to accommodate two units.
What is the Original TOPO's dry weight? Wet or loaded weight? Tongue weight?
The dry weight of the Original TOPO is ~1750 lbs. Wet weight, when factoring in a full water tank, tongue storage, and a rooftop tent, can increase the weight of the overall unit by as much as 500 lbs.

Tongue weight on our standard unit is ~130 lbs. This weight can fluctuate by as much as 100 lbs when add-ons like tongue storage and rooftop storage or tents are added.
How much can I load onto the Original TOPO trailer?
All Original TOPO axle and suspension options are weight rated to 3500 lbs max load. Tongue storage as well as rear hitch accessory storage should not exceed 250 lbs. Roof rack storage should not exceed 200 lbs when mounted to the cross bars, or 600 pounds of combined weight of deployed tent (175 lbs) + occupants.
What is the clearance to the lowest point of the Original TOPO frame?
Clearance of our standard Original TOPO model comes in at 18” from the ground to the lowest point of the frame. The axle bar in our base model sits at 15” of clearance. If the water tank is added to the build your clearance at the lowest point (which will be just behind the axle) is 14.5”. If you choose the upgraded suspension your clearance will increase by as much as 4”.

Towing Requirements

Do I need electric brakes in the Original TOPO?
Electric brakes come as an optional add-on to our Original TOPO trailer. With the average weight of the Original TOPO under 2000 lbs, electric brakes are always a safer and more convenient option, but may not be necessary for all vehicles. Check your vehicle’s tow capacity, and if it’s under 3000 lbs then electric brakes may be a good option for you. Regardless of your tow vehicle, electric brakes will extend the life of your vehicle, and make your trailer more manageable to tow.

This option is only set up on the trailer side. A brake controller will be necessary to install in your vehicle prior to use.
Will the Escapod exceed my vehicle’s max tongue weight?
Our trailers are recommended for towing with a Class III hitch, which is another way of identifying a hitch that has a 2” receiver, 8,000 lbs max towing capacity, and 800 lb max tongue weight.

Although there are adaptors that can convert a class II (1.25” receiver) to a class III, we do not recommend this setup.
What kind of hookup do I need for the trailer hitch?
Towing an Escapod with the standard coupler requires a 2” ball. The ideal coupler height with Original TOPO’s standard suspension is to have the top of the 2” ball sit ~24” to the top of the ball to allow for squat, and ~26" with the Freeride Suspension System. With each tow vehicle being a bit different in terms of squat, and the trailer weight and tongue weight varying build to build, it's impossible to get an exact measurement in advance. We recommend adjustable options for this reason. For example, the CURT 45812 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Mount works perfectly with both our standard coupler and the Max Coupler fully articulating hitch upgrade option (which requires a removable ball).

If you opt to upgrade your coupler to the Max Coupler Fully Articulating Hitch, you’ll need a balless hitch drawbar with a 1” hole. Here is another link for an example drawbar that’s compatible with the articulating hitch. When you come to pick-up your trailer, we’ll help you connect the vehicle side of your coupler to your hitch with a large bolt. You still need to arrive with a hitch that’s set up to your vehicle at the proper height. For the drawbar height, you want to make sure that the flat surface of the drawbar is about 24" above the ground for Original TOPO’s standard suspension and 26” for the Freeride Suspension. If you're unsure of what this means, measure from the ground to the top of the hitch receiver on your vehicle. Subtract that number from 24 (or 26 for Freeride Suspension) and that will determine the amount of "rise" that you need on your drawbar.

Please note that it's fine to be within an inch or two in either direction - you’ll still get a great tow!
Does the Escapod use a 4-pin flat or 7-pin round connector?
Standard wiring for the Escapod is a flat 4-pin connector. If you’ve chosen to have electric brakes with your trailer, you’ll need a round 7-pin setup. Don’t stress too much about what you have; there are always adaptors that can be used to convert a 4 to a 7.

Please note: not all vehicles come with a trailer wiring hookup. Especially if you’ve had your hitch installed aftermarket by a company like U-Haul, please double check that you have wiring that is set up for a trailer connection in the rear of your vehicle. Trailer wiring is vehicle make and model specific, so the easiest way to get the right setup is to talk to your local dealership.
What is the dry and loaded (or wet) weight of the Original TOPO trailer?
When checking the tow capacity of your vehicle, be sure to consider both dry and loaded weight. Our Original TOPO trailer clocks in at 1700-1750 lbs dry (unloaded with an empty tank), vs. as much as 500 lbs more once it has a full water tank and all the optional add-ons. If your vehicle maxes out at 2000 lbs tow capacity, you may want to consider a lighter trailer, or upgrade your vehicle. Our trailer is meant to be taken on difficult and varied terrain, and if you’re at max tow capacity and find yourself on loose or steep terrain you may have difficulty.
Will my vehicle be able to tow it?
We are not familiar with all the varieties of vehicles, their engine design, or tow capacity. Best to speak with your dealer directly about the tow capacity of your specific vehicle.

To get the most our of your Escapod, we recommend towing it with a vehicle that is rated to a tow capacity of 2500 lbs +. Anything lower and you will notice significant MPG reduction and difficulty in more technical or steep terrain.
Do you have any tips if this is my first time towing a trailer?
If you’re new to towing, I have three main pointers: First, Always take turns wider and stop earlier than you think you should. It never hurts to give yourself a little extra space. Second, always scope out where you're going before you commit. Nothing is harder than getting out of a small parking lot or a narrow road without an exit. Third, when backing up, turn towards the mirror you see the trailer in if you want to straighten out.

Other than those three, just go slow and practice. If you’re a customer and you have many trips ahead of you, rest assured that it’ll feel like second nature in no time. Practice makes perfect.

Optional Add-ons

What does the Original TOPO's base price come with?
The Escapod was built to provide an impressive level of features right out of the gate. For $19,750 you get an incredibly well built, comfortable and capable trailer with the included features:
- Steel Frame with Structural Fenders + Step
- 18" Standard Clearance
- Fully Insulated Walls, Ceiling + Floor
- Double-Entry Doors with 15” x 30” tinted, vertical-sliding windows with screens
- 5-Inch Queen-Size Foam Mattress with cover
- 88 Amp Hour Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
- USB & 12V Charging Stations
- LED Lighting Throughout
- 4-Speed MaxxAir Exhaust Fan
- Double-Pane Stargazer Window
- Lounge Angled Headboard with Interior Cabinet Storage
- Roof Rack Aero Crossbars
- Roam Adventure Co. 6.5 x 8 ft Awning
- Durable composite HDPE + Stainless Steel Galley with Integrated Table and Cutting Board
- YETI Tundra 65 Cooler on 500-lb Locking Drawer Slides
- 2" Rear- and Side-Accessory Receiver Tube
- 3000-lb Rated Rear Leveling Scissor Jacks
- Full Size AT Tires with 17" Aluminum Wheels
- 3500-lb Torsion Axle Suspension
- Option of Three Base Colors and 7 Vinyl Color Schemes to Choose From
Marine-grade 2-burner stove (6000 and 8500 BTU) from ENO
11-lb. Propane Tank
NOCO Genius-10 Precision Battery Charger
Steel Tongue Deck
What are the most popular add-on options you see customers choosing for the Original TOPO?
Every trailer is different, but the add-ons we see again and again can be added and still keep the overall price of the Original TOPO right at $22,000. Those include: Water Tank, Water Heater & Shower, & Solar Panel.

Additional favorites include: Door Screens, Window Covers, Awning Annex Room, Propane Heater, Aluminum Tongue Box or Roam Storage Cases, and our proprietary Freeride Suspension System.
What are some basic add-on options that don’t come with the base price in the Original TOPO?
Utility add-ons are available to upgrade the functionality of your Original TOPO to meet the demands of your personal camping style. Utility add-ons like hot water, screens and window covers, air compressors, and cooler upgrades allow you to customize your setup to meet your needs. Mix and match freely - our trailer builder will alert you if something you’ve chosen has a dependency on another add-on (like the propane tank to run the propane heater), or is in conflict with other options.
Do you offer options for cabin heating and air conditioning in the Original TOPO?
For those living in 4-season climates, the option to add heat and/or cooling to your Original TOPO is crucial. For heating we offer a forced-air propane heater from Propex. Their HS2000 model is compact, and fits in the galley drawer space. It comes fully setup with an in-cabin thermostat, and blows in clean hot air at the foot of the bed. Combine this with the insulated cabin and you can stay toasty no matter the climate. Estimated run time for this unit on a full tank of propane is 95 hours.

Hotter and more humid climates can opt in for the Air Cooling Unit, made by Fresair. This unit runs efficiently on 12V power, and uses a built-in 3 gallon water reservoir to saturate an integrated mesh that air is pulled through and cooled. While not an artificial cooling unit like your home A/C, this unit can be relied upon to drop the interior temp of the cabin by as much as 30 degrees. This, combined with the 12V power and full integration into our trailer has made it an exciting option for those in more demanding environments.
Do you just offer 12V power in the Original TOPO, or 110 outlets as well?
Our standard 12V power setup with USB and 12V outlets will work for many of our customers, but those who demand more options can upgrade their Original TOPO to a fully integrated 1000W inverter 50 Amp charger, built by Xantrex. This unit is located in the headboard and seamlessly converts the 12V power from the on-board power supply into 110 house power GFCI outlets (3-prong). This allows you to run that coffee maker or charge your laptop while on the road. 

The Original TOPO also comes with a built-in shore power port to hook up to power supplied at some campsites so you can not only run your whole system indefinitely, but simultaneously recharge your power supply for getting back off the grid.
How long will Original TOPO's battery last? Are power upgrades available?
Base model Original TOPOs come with an 88 amp hour Interstate Deep Cycle Battery (model SRM-27). There are many, many factors at play in “how long will my battery last,” but what we aim to do is get you a solid 3-5 days on a single charge with a basic system, and that single battery. What this means is that the more you add on to your build, the more power supply you’ll need. So, want that fridge/freezer or plan to charge 3 phones every night for 8 hours? Consider the upgrade options below:

Double Battery Bank: Swap out your single 12V battery (88 amp hours) to a double 6V battery bank (225 amp hours).

Solar Power: Our 100W Solar Panel from Lightleaf solar is highly efficient and fully integrated to easily mount to the hatch and charge while you drive. It also has 12’ of extension and a built-in stand to set off the trailer and follow the sun all day at basecamp. While it varies greatly from location to location, and on the type of features you have, it’s possible that the solar panel can, on average, produce enough power to run your system indefinitely.

Inverter: This is not a power upgrade in the sense that it creates power, so much as it allows you to use different kinds of power. Pick this if you have more 110 vs 12 volt needs (3-prong house power plugs) for the appliances you plan to bring with you. Also, if you go to a lot of campsites with shore power, this is a great way to take advantage of endless power supplies by simply plugging your trailer in and using all your features and devices without worry of running out.
Does the Original TOPO come with a roof rack? Can I add my own rooftop tent?
We build in a roof rack system that is flexible to mount whatever you want to it. The bars are firmly fixed into 4 2x3 roof studs, and when evenly distributed can hold a considerable amount of weight. See below for the stock accessories we offer:

Rooftop Tent: Original TOPO options come in 55” and 63” High Country Tents from Freespirit. These are fold-open tents that double their size, and the ladder supports 50% of the weight. We offer 3-season and 4-season (insulated) options. If you have your own rooftop tent and plan to add it, please make sure that the overall closed length of your tent is less than 72”, and that when mounted your fan vent still opens wide enough to allow for proper use without stressing the motor.

Extra awning: The Escapod comes with one 6.5’ x 8’ awning. Add a second to have both doors open up to dry, protected areas for outdoor enjoyment.

Storage: ROAM Adventure Co. offers a perfect 95L Rugged Case for low-profile, water-tight storage options. Gas struts on the lid and tie downs to the roof included.

Recreation: Add a bike or kayak rack to the roof to get maximum use of your truck-bed while traveling.
What tongue storage options are there for the Original TOPO trailer?
Tongue storage in the Original TOPO comes in 3 levels of accessory add-ons. Our basic trailer comes with just a support for the single or double battery bank. You can upgrade to an integrated, welded-on steel deck with ample tie down points (and ROAM storage cases built to fit perfectly on top), or a custom designed .100 aluminum tongue box. Our tongue box has two locking side doors, an optional cooler tray with heavy-duty drawer slides, and L-tracks on top for additional tie down storage. All boxes are treated with a base coat of POR 15 then multiple top coats of Raptor brand bed-liner spray for durability.
What is the fully articulating hitch?
A 2” locking ball coupler comes stock with every trailer, but we do have the option to upgrade to a Max Coupler Fully Articulating Hitch. This option allows you to tow your trailer in highly technical terrain without fear that steep approach or descent angles, or being off-camber from your trailer, will cause stress on your connection. If you chose to make this upgrade you will still receive a standard 2" coupler in addition to the fully articulating hitch.
Will I need a spare tire?
Additional towing accessories include a spare tire mounted to the Original TOPO's passenger side fender (strapped down for security, but a cinch to remove and replace in the event of a flat), as well as mud flaps that mount over your receiver tube on the rear of your vehicle (this is to protect the trailer from excessive road debris being thrown back from your tow vehicle tires).
Do I need the suspension upgrade for the Original TOPO?
We offer two suspension options in the Original TOPO: our standard 3500 lb Dexter Torflex torsion axle, and our Freeride Suspension System, which is a proprietary trailing arm design with integrated shock and coil-over suspension. This upgrade is built specifically for our trailer, with all the geometry and ratings to maximize travel and smoothness of ride no matter the terrain.

This upgrade might be good for you if you plan to take your trailer on a significant amount of unimproved or off-road travel, with technical terrain that could benefit from a more capable suspension. Even those that mainly stick to pavement will notice an increase in the overall smoothness of the ride with our Freeride Suspension System.
Can you match my wheels and tires?
We do not match wheels due to the complexities of sourcing wheels with specific bolt patterns, offsets, and back-spacing. Our stock tires are a General Tire Grabber APT all-terrain tire 265/75R/16 (31.6") and are more than capable. We do, however, offer a few tire upgrades: Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP 285/70R/17, or BFG KO2 285/70R/17.

Both our standard axle and independent suspension can accommodate sizes up to 285/70R/17, or 33s in common terms if you want to make any after-market changes to your setup.
Can I customize the Original TOPO's color?
We offer 7 color variations on our graphics for you to choose from. We no longer accept requests for custom graphics.
Do you do customizations?
We do not accommodate customizations beyond what is listed in our extensive list of add-ons. When adding features into a small space like our trailer, even seemingly small changes make a large impact on the overall structure and often create a ripple-effect of required modifications. We've done our best to provide a comprehensive list of add-ons to support the most commonly requested features and use-cases.

We’re always open to new ideas and want to hear what customers want, but since we are not a custom build shop, we cannot always adapt our manufacturing process to accommodate changes on a one-off basis.
Do you offer any sales or discounts?
We offer a rental program to test our trailers, and are happy to offer 10% off of your rental reservation if you are in the queue.

We also are honored to extend a $500 discount to Military (active and veteran) and First Responders.

We do not offer seasonal sales prices. What you see on our site now is our set price, until a new model comes out, at which time prices may be adjusted.

The Ordering Process

How do I get an order started?
The first step to ordering is to submit a quote on our ‘Start Your Order’ page (click on the top right of our website). Once we receive your quote, you will receive a response from us outlining the next steps. If you are ready to purchase, please indicate that in the "notes" field when you submit a 'Start Your Order' quote and our team will respond accordingly with a digital purchase agreement for you to sign as well as an explanation of our deposit structure and timeline. Once we we received a digitally signed copy of your purchase agreement back in our inboxes, you will be slotted in for a build!

Once you receive the paperwork, a $6,500 non-refundable deposit, along with a signed purchase agreement is due upon receipt to secure your position in the build queue. Your invoice and the desired add-ons are adjustable until the second $6,500 non-refundable deposit is collected 90 days prior to your estimated delivery date as listed on the purchase agreement. The remaining balance is due upon delivery or pickup.

Payments are accepted through an online portal for bank transfers. Wire transfers and personal or cashier's checks are also accepted. Additional 3% processing fee charged for all credit card transactions.
Do you have any inventory for immediate sale?
We are a personalized build shop. We do not have any inventory for immediate sale. All customers are required to place a deposit and wait the duration of the current build queue. No cut-zies.
What is the best price you can offer?
We do not negotiate price of our trailers. As a manufacturer, we are very dialed into the cost of our product and the margins we need to make in order to successfully operate and grow our business.
Do you offer any sales or discounts?
We offer a rental program to test our trailers, and are happy 10% off of your rental reservation if you are in the queue.

We also are honored to extend a $500 discount to Military (active and veteran) and First Responders.

We do not offer seasonal sales prices. What you see on our site now is our set price, until a new model comes out, at which time prices may be adjusted.
What is the deposit structure?
A $6,500 non-refundable deposit, along with signed purchase agreement is due upon receipt to secure your position in build-queue. Your invoice and the desired add-ons are adjustable until the second $6,500 non-refundable deposit is collected 90 days prior to your estimated delivery date as listed on the purchase agreement. The remaining balance is due upon delivery or pickup.
Can I customize my order?
We do not accommodate customizations beyond what is listed in our extensive list of add-ons. With a trailer like ours everything has to fit perfectly for it to be compatible with everything else, and the list we have is currently very dialed. If another company has something that we do not, we have good reasons for our setup. We’re happy to explain our decisions, but we cannot change the structural elements of our trailer to accommodate customizations.

We’re always open to new ideas and want to hear what customers want, but we cannot adapt our manufacturing process to accommodate one-off requests. Thanks for your understanding!
Do you finance?
We do not offer in-house financing, but we can supply you with a VIN number, and will gladly work with your preferred financial institution to secure the right type of loan for your trailer. This article from Investopedia makes a few recommendations for companies with a niche in the RV industry.
What is the lead time for a new build?
Lead time fluctuates based on the time of year and our production capacity. Visit the 'Start Your Order' page for an up-to-date estimate listed at the top of the page.
I don’t live in Utah - can you ship my trailer domestically?
We prefer handing off trailers to customers at our shop in Utah, where team members will give you a detailed overview of your Escapod, but if that’s not possible we can arrange third party shipment. We will load your trailer onto a flatbed, secure it, and send it your way for door-to-door delivery. Please keep in mind that shipping a trailer comes with risk of rock chips or other damage in transit. There is a $225 charge for our prep and materials, and the cost of shipping will be paid directly to our preferred shipping company, CHP. Pricing for this is dependent on time of year, travel route (if the driver has to dead-head back it’ll be more expensive), and overall distance. In our experience, domestic shipment has ranged from $2000-3500. Another reason we prefer customers to come visit and pick up their trailer if at all possible!
I don’t live in the US - Can you ship my trailer internationally?
We are not set up to ship Internationally at this time. We have had customers from Canada, but they have traveled to Utah to pick up their own trailer. See below for Canadian import requirements.
I’m Canadian - what are the import requirements?
DUTY — As long as the trailer is manufactured in the US or Mexico, no duty applies when you import a travel trailer to Canada, but there is an “import fee” of approximately $300. Usually, this must be paid by credit card at the border, but if you are allowed to cross without paying it, it must be paid within 10 days of bringing the trailer into Canada online though the RIV website, in person or by mail.

GST — You will be required to pay the GST (5%) by credit card or cash upon arrival at the border. The amount is calculated on the Canadian dollar equivalent of the purchase price. You will need to present an official receipt.

Insurance — You’ll have to insure your trailer before you register or license it. You might have to pay PST (based on the Canadian equivalent of the purchase price) at this point.

Canadian Inspection — Buyers must have their travel trailer inspected within 45 days of importing it into Canada. Canadian Tire and a number of independent centers across Canada have been authorized to perform these inspections. Once the vehicle has passed the inspection process, the inspection center will stamp your "Vehicle Import Form - Form 1." You print these from the RIV website. Keep the stamped copy of the form, as it will be required for registration and licensing of the vehicle. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) will send you a Canadian Statement of Compliance (SOC) label with instructions on where to affix it to your vehicle.

Registration & Licensing — You must present your stamped Vehicle Import Form – Form 1, along with the bill of sale, title, and proof of insurance to a licensing office in your province/territory of residence. You will also be required to pay PST.
What if I need to cancel my order? Will I get a refund?
All deposits are non-refundable. If extenuating circumstances arise, contact us directly and we will work with you to come to an amicable solution for both parties.
How can I see an Escapod in person?
The best way to see if an Escapod is right for you is to take the trip to visit our facility. We prefer not to burden past customers with showing around their unit to potential buyers, and often this is not the best way to see our most recent developments. We’re always building new and exciting things into our trailers, and if you want the most accurate example of what you’ll get when you purchase an Escapod, best to see it from the source.
Can I rent before I buy?
Of course, and you'll get 10% off the rental cost if you end up purchasing! During peak season we usually book up on weekends 4-6 weeks in advance, so plan ahead, and book directly from our website on the ‘Rentals’ page.
Do you ever sell your rental trailers?
We typically sell our rentals after two seasons, but we are not planning to sell our previous fleet of four trailers that were built in early 2019. When we do choose to sell rentals, we do not take sales ahead of time, as we don’t know what kind of condition they’ll be in, and thus haven’t set prices. If you’re interested in this, please sign up for our newsletter - sales will be first-come, first-served if posted.
Do you sell pre-owned/scratch-and-dent models?
We don’t carry stock of used trailers, but we are in close contact with all past customers, and in the event that one goes on sale we’ll communicate it to our newsletter audience. Sales of any used models are first-come, first-served, and ‘as-is’ — Escapod cannot offer any adjustments or modifications to these models.

The Build Process

What is your current lead time on new orders?
Lead time fluctuates, and is based on our level of interest and how we scale our production process. Please visit the 'Order Now' page for an up-to-date estimate located at the top of the page.
How long does it take for each build once it’s started?
Once each build is started it goes through a six week cycle from frame welding to final assembly.
Do you guarantee delivery deadlines?
We have always taken our deadlines very seriously, and we do our very best to hit every deadline. As 2020 has already proven, there’s no way to predict everything that may affect our ability to complete trailers in the time promised. We request a +/- 1 month forgiveness from our customers. As a result, it’s highly recommended that customers not make concrete plans for using their trailer with months still to go in the queue. We do our best to communicate frequently, but if you’re ever in need of an update, please just reach out and see how we’re tracking against our planned schedule.
How often do you change the design?
A core part of our business has always been to improve the product continuously. We’ve never introduced a model and then shifted into heads down production mode for the next 12 months. We’re always iterating and evolving. This means two things: one is that over the course of waiting through the build queue, we will likely make advancements on our trailers, and the trailer you get will likely be better than the one you purchased. It also means that we’re constantly introducing new prototypes into our builds. We would never send a customer away with something that wasn’t functional, but it does mean that while some developments in your trailer may be in the polished phase, others might be more in the prototype phase. This is integral to making a better trailer over the long term, and we value our customers' willingness to be with us on this journey of always improving our designs.
Is the price guaranteed once I make a deposit?
Broad price adjustments are made once a year in November or December. This is the time of year where we reflect on all the developments and upgrades we’ve made in our product over the past 12 months, and evaluate whether things need to change to keep our business running on a successful model. Smaller interim price changes may happen if we notice a flaw in an add-on we’re currently offering, and the only way to fix it is to buy a more expensive component, take on a design change that leads to more cost, or if a vendor of ours (for example, the tent or awning makers) raises their prices mid-year, then our prices will update as necessary. We do our best to stay committed to the prices we quote for our customers, and only raise them if not doing so would cause us to lose money based on product changes.
When are new models released?
Escapod has never followed a rigid model release schedule. We build in developments and product improvements when we see opportunities for them. This means that our ‘new model’ schedule is only aligned with our price adjustment schedule, which is re-evaluated at the end of each calendar year.
Can I adjust my invoice after I make a deposit?
For customers in queue, the options chosen on your invoice are not finalized until we take the second payment. This means that any new features introduced during your wait will either be implemented as part of your build, or you’ll be given the option to add new features. Once the second payment is taken we cannot make changes to your build as it goes through the six week build cycle.


I’ve never towed a trailer before - any tips?
Escapod teardrop trailers are lightweight and thoughtfully designed to tow extremely well. That said, there are a few things you should expect.

1. Always take turns wider than you think you need to.

2. Backing up takes some practice and may initially cause for some stressful situations. It’s best to always have a spotter. Don’t rush your maneuvering even if it means making someone wait. Also, be sure to look for an exit before pulling into a parking lot so that you can avoid needing to back up when possible.

3. Give yourself more time to brake. The added weight of a teardrop trailer will make your braking a little slower.

4. Obey posted speed limits and be predictable on the road. This will help others negotiate around you.

5. If you need to straighten out, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the mirror in which you can see the trailer.
Should I insure my trailer?
We offer a VIN number for each trailer that makes it easy to acquire both financing and insurance. Insurance for our trailers should be thoroughly discussed with your provider to ensure you have the protection you need. While some coverages may crossover from your vehicle to trailer coverage, there are many aspects of insurance that are specific to the type of trailer, location, and nature of usage that affect whether or not you’ll be covered.

We strongly recommend you have a detailed discussion with your provider to ensure that your experiences towing an Escapod are fully covered for both ‘comprehensive and collision’ insurance, and a separate policy for ‘towing’ as trailer towing is rarely covered in standard vehicle or trailer policies.
What kind of warranty do you offer for the Original TOPO?
We offer a 12-month warranty on all Original TOPOs to cover craftsmanship and manufacturing defects. We’re happy to discuss details of this in more detail one-on-one. You may also view our warranty here.
How and how often should I be maintaining my trailer?
Like all vehicles, the Escapod will require maintenance as an owner to make sure your investment is in tip-top shape, and remains safe and in aesthetically good condition. Here are a few tips:
- Check all fasteners before, during, and at the end of every season. Hand-tightening bolts and screws can help your trailer feel newer longer.
- Ensure lug nuts are torqued regularly (torque wrench setting of 100 foot-pounds is ideal)
- Grease your hubs, leveling jacks, and tow ball once per season
- Use WD-40 or comparable lubricant to ensure all drawer slides and zippers move freely and without unnecessary stress
- Keep battery charged and in a warm place when not in use
- Cover your trailer if you plan to keep it outside in the off-season
- Plan to refinish areas of your trailer that receive high debris damage every couple years with aerosol Raptor bed-liner finish
- Replace overly compressed gaskets
- Replace gas struts every few years
- Treat surfaces with appropriate cleaner so as to maintain the best look and not degrade the material
- Properly winterize your trailer well before the first freeze is expected
- Adjust latches to ensure proper closures
- Replace vinyl inserts and other components that react to prolonged exposure or damage from frequent use

The more you take care of your trailer the better it will serve you, and the more you’ll be able to sell it for if you ever decide to upgrade to a newer model down the road.
How should I secure my trailer if I leave it at camp?
Escapods are build with a removable coupler on the tongue. If you plan to leave your trailer at camp, simply remove the coupler and take it with you in your tow vehicle. This will prevent easy theft of your trailer. Increased precautions can be: lower your stabilizers, use wheel locks, and use a locking 5/8” hitch pin in the front receiver tube.

All doors and openings are lockable on the trailer, and add-ons like the propane tank, solar panel, and roof rack all have locking options to secure your investment.
Will Escapod help me resell my trailer?
Resale of an Escapod has not happened often, but when put on the market they go quickly. If your unit is in good condition we’ll gladly help find a buyer for your used unit. In our experience there is enough interest in used models that they sell within a few days, and for 70-80% of the purchase price.


Do you rent trailers?
Escapod offers a rental fleet of trailers with a basic setup of add-ons for customers without the need for their own trailer, or for those looking to try before they buy.
When should I arrive for pickup?
Our standard pickup time is 3:00 pm. If you’d like to get on the road early, we offer an early pickup option for $50 that allows for pickup as early as 10:00 am. Please do not come later than 4:00 pm to pick up your rental.
Will my vehicle be able to tow an Escapod?
All vehicles must have a tow capacity of over 2500 lbs, and a hitch capable of 300 lb tongue weight. Trailer wiring for our rentals is a flat 4-pin connection, and we have adaptors available to go from the 4-pin to a 7-round if necessary. Please check your trailer wiring before you arrive to ensure no corrosion will prevent all signals from working properly. Our rental trailers tow with a 2” ball, and for even towing, please have a setup on your vehicle that has the top of the tow ball at ~25-26” from the ground.
Where can I rent a vehicle to tow with if mine isn't capable?
There are some car and truck rental companies in Salt Lake City that offer vehicles equipped to tow, but the recommended provider is to search the vehicle sharing platform Turo.
Does the pod come fully stocked?
Yes, we offer a fully stocked kitchen with cookware, utensils, serving dishes, and even stock it with camp coffee from High Side. There’s bedding fully made in the cabin, and a comfy foam mattress in the optional rooftop tent that works as the perfect base for your sleeping bags.
What is the deposit and payment schedule for rentals?
All renters are required to put a 20% non-refundable deposit down to reserve a date. The remainder is scheduled for payment on the same card used for the deposit 7 days before your reservation begins. One day before your reservation begins, a $500 security deposit will be collected, and then promptly returned when you deliver the trailer back to us in good condition.
What is your cancellation and refund policy for rentals?
75% refund up to 7 days before pickup, then 50% refund for remaining days.
How much do rentals cost?
Trailers rent out at $140/night, with an optional rooftop tent for an additional $50/night
Does the rental come with a tent?
The tent does not come standard with the rental, but can be added to house two extra guests for $50/night
Are there any extra fees associated with the rental?
Insurance is required for all rentals, and is charged at $17.95/night for the basic package. Additional taxes are collected at Summit County, UT rates. If the trailer is brought back excessively dirty there may be a one-time cleaning fee, reflective of the time needed to prepare the trailer for re-renting.
Do you have recommendations on where to camp?
See our blog post here for some great ideas in and around our shop in Coalville, UT:
Do you charge mileage fees?
No extra mileage fees
Do you ever sell your rental trailers?
We typically sell our rentals after two seasons, but we are not planning to sell our previous fleet of four trailers that were built in early 2019. We do not take sales ahead of time, as we don’t know what kind of condition they’ll be in, and thus haven’t set prices. If you’re interested in this, please sign up for our newsletter - any future sales will be first-come, first-served once posted.

Company Info

Where are you located?
60 S 50 W, Coalville, UT 84017
What are your hours?
Shop Hours:
M-F, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Showroom Hours:
M-F, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Do you offer factory tours?
We do not have the capacity to handle drop-ins, but would love to show you a trailer in progress at a designated time. Please head to our “Shop Tours” page to schedule a time to come in and see an Escapod.
Are you hiring? How do I apply for a job with Escapod?
We are always looking for qualified applicants. If you think your skills, personality, and work ethic align well with the kind of company we’re building here, please email us at with your personal background, work history, and type of job you’re interested in.
Do you work with dealers?
We do not work with any outside dealers at this time.
I can’t find the answer to my question here. How do I contact you directly?
Please read through all of the above questions to find answers before you contact us. We are a small team with limited capacity to answer questions that can be answered by the considerable amount of info we have on our site. If your answer is not here please submit a contact form below and someone will get back to you as soon as we are able. If you’re interested in getting your build started right away please submit a quote on the ‘Order Now’ page and add a comment to highlight your request to begin the purchase process asap.

Understand the Essentials

Whether you're a long-time owner or a customer 'just looking' we try to be as thorough as we can about what you should expect when purchasing and Escapod, and what it's like to own one. Click below for our manual, which will be updated as we continue to evolve our product and the ways we service the growing Escapod Owners circle.

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If you're having trouble finding an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to us directly and we will respond as soon as we can.

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