Escapod Supports Tread Lightly!

We have partnered with Tread Lightly! because we’re committed to their mission to keep trails and parks open for generations to come. Ultimately, it's about protecting access to all the places we love to take Escapod trailers.

What is Tread Lightly!?

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Tread Lightly! is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible recreation through stewardship programs and ethics education. Tread Lightly!’s educational message, unique training, and restoration initiatives are strategically designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. Basically, Tread Lightly! encourages everyone to leave our trails better than we found them to keep them open and accessible.

The Partnership with Escapod

We love taking our teardrops off-road all over the country! If you support our public lands and trails, we want to say thank you. When you become a Tread Lightly! member at select levels, you are eligible for discounts on Escapod rentals and purchases. Check out our blog to learn more!


This is a simple acronym that can be applied to any outdoor activity to remember how to get outside with minimal impact to trails, parks, and forests.

The T.R.E.A.D. Principles

Get Involved

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Ready to get involved? Find more educational resources, and become a member of Tread Lightly! by clicking the button below.

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