Hot off the press! Here’s what the industry has to say about Escapod.

New Atlas

Driven by a near-obsessive desire to continually improve our design, we made one of the best-looking off-road teardrop trailers look even better. Read New Atlas’s article to learn about our completely reimagined trailer, the TOPO2.
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Back in 2016, we set out to engineer the best off-road camper possible. What resulted was the Original TOPO. While it made for an undeniably impressive trailer, it doesn’t hold a candle to what we have cooked up this time around. Read HiConsumption’s article on our TOPO2 trailer to see how we bettered our Original TOPO in basically every way possible.
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Men's Health

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the nature of how we vacation. Men’s Health describes how teardrop trailers may provide the antidote for our wanderlust. The TOPO Series trailer joins their line-up of the top ten teardrops for safe travel. What makes our TOPO Series trailers stand out from the rest? Our deliberate design for adventure and off-road capability.
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Outside Online

Outside Online features a short video made by Mountain Standard Creative telling the Escapod story. Watch to learn how a desire for adventure and a value for quality and capability led to the birth of Escapod.

New Atlas

New Atlas author, Chris Weiss, took his family of five (including his labrador retriever) on a weekend camping adventure in the red rock canyons of Utah in our TOPO Series trailer. Our simple and rugged design allowed them to easily navigate off-road terrain, set-up camp in minutes, and sleep in comfort. Read Weiss’s article to learn all about their adventure.
Ecapod Teardrop Trailer Fire Awning Friends


Escapod has not only survived the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are thriving in it. COVID-19 challenged our ability to get the components we needed when we needed them to build our trailers. However, an unprecedented spike in interest in the outdoors coupled with in-house manufacturing and building has allowed us to sell and rent more trailers than ever. Read Company Week’s article to learn how we did it.

RV Supply Co

At Escapod, we like to describe our trailers as a swiss army knives. Our values for quality and functionality and our appeal for modern aesthetic is the reason why our TOPO Series trailer comes decked out with a plethora of best in the industry components and features. Learn more about our trailer by reading RV Supply Co’s article.

Trailer Life

Our trailers are gentle on the eyes, rugged enough for crazy adventures, and suitable for year-round fun. Trailer Life’s article takes a deeper look at the TOPO Series’s cabin, galley, and storage areas to give it the seal of approval of being able to handle anything you throw at it.

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