A look inside the cabin of the TOPO2 teardrop trailer. The queen-sized bed has a blue and red quilt covering it with a grey blanket in the middle.

Latest TOPO2 Developments: Tongue Box, Headboard, Nightstand, and Utilities Closet

By Madison StamenSeptember 10, 2021

The TOPO2 off-road trailer is rapidly coming together. Every day, new developments are made, new details are locked in, and new levels of excitement are reached.

Here are the latest TOPO2 innovations starting with the Tongue Box.

Tongue Box

A rendering of the TOPO2 tongue box, for gear and accessories

TOPO2’s spacious Tongue Box yields 8.2 cubic feet of storage. That’s large enough to fit over 10 bundles of firewood, or more relevantly, a whole lot of sleeping bags, camp chairs, lanterns, and camp toys.⁠⁠

This Tongue Box is an intelligently designed storage solution that allows for customizable configurations. L-track is mounted to the back divider wall and passenger sidewall allowing you to mount recovery gear like Maxtrax, shovels, hatchets, and anything else you could ever want.⁠⁠

The bottom of TOPO2’s Tongue Box is lined with a custom removable rubber floor liner making for easy cleaning. All four edges are molded with a lip to prevent spills from ever reaching the cabin floor.

Rendering of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer, tongue box. A box that in perfect for storing gear and equipment

Furthermore, the TOPO2 Tongue Box will also house its 2.5-gallon/11 lbs. propane tank. We wanted to preserve the trailer’s sleek exterior while maximizing safety. We accomplished this by mounting the propane tank inside the Tongue Box and routing the plumbing internally through the frame.⁠⁠

This integration provides maximum protection from potential hazards on the road. We also designed a proprietary waterproof ventilation system following the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines. TOPO2’s Tongue Box will have waterproof vents built into its sidewalls providing adequate airflow throughout the box.⁠⁠

The Tongue Box will open and close with a locking inset handle and will hold itself open with gas struts to make accessing your gear a breeze. ⁠


Rendering of the interior of the TOPO2 displaying a queen sized bed, headboard storage, a stargazer window, and nightstands.
Rendering of the interior of the TOPO2 displaying a queen sized bed, headboard storage, a stargazer window, and nightstands.

Bigger and better is the name of the game when it comes to the storage capacity behind TOPO2’s Headboard. Bringing you a whopping 4.8 cubic feet of storage, TOPO2’s Headboard compartment has more usable space than ever. To give you a picture, it can hold 23 one-gallon milk jugs, or in camp speak, about 6 bundles of firewood.

The Headboard was conveniently designed with 2 abreast access doors so when you need to grab an extra blanket, your partner doesn’t have to move.

Rendering of the interior of the TOPO2 displaying a queen sized bed, headboard storage, a stargazer window, and nightstands.

The deliberation put into this space goes even further. TOPO2’s humongous 2.5’ x 5’ Stargazer Window is not only expansive but also has a bubble-like curvature to it which provides additional headroom. We carried over the Headboard angle that is known & loved from our Original TOPO to offer an ergonomic 110° lounge angle. Now when you're sitting back and relaxing you’ll truly feel like you're amongst the stars.


Rendering of the interior of the TOPO2 displaying a queen sized bed and nightstands for wireless charging while camping..

Taking ingenuity to the next level we’re proud to introduce the Nightstand. Two 4” W x 15” L x 8.6” H Nightstands will straddle the traditional queen-sized mattress. The inside face of each stand is cut out, allowing you to store books, magazines, flashlights, or whatever else your heart desires. Charge your phone using the Nightstand’s wireless charger; place your water bottle in the cup holder to prevent it from falling over in the middle of the night; and last but not least, keep track of your keys and wallet by placing them in the Nightstand's top inset.

Utilities Closet

A rendering displaying the Utilities Closet within the TOPO2, an adventure trailer.
A rendering of the TOPO2 displayinng where the mechanicals and the water tank of the trailer are.

The TOPO2 is one of the only teardrop trailers on the market that has brought all of its mechanical systems inside the insulated trailer. We’re calling this space the Utilities Closet.

The Utilities Closet is an intelligently designed, temperature-regulated space that lives between the cabin and galley. This multi-functional compartment houses and protects TOPO2’s Aqua-Hot Gen1 hydronic heating system air and water heater, 100 amp/hr lithium battery, 21-gallon water tank, water pump, fuse block, and optional 2000-watt power inverter.

Why should this matter to you? Having mechanicals integrated internally not only expands the possibilities of where you can camp, but it also increases the longevity & usability of all the systems.

The Utilities Closet is divided into two compartments that are both accessible through removable panels in the back galley.

A light grey interior galley of a teardrop trailer, with a full sized sink and cutting board.
A rendering of the removable panel in the TOPO2 galley.

1. The 21” deep driver’s side compartment houses TOPO2’s Aqua-Hot Gen1 hydronic heating system that heats the water supply and the cabin air. The Aqua-Hot is easily accessible by removing the false panel behind a cabinet face that doubles as a cutting board.

A rendering for the table in the galley of the TOPO2, a teardrop camper.
Rendering of the modular shelving in the galley of the TOPO2, an adventure trailer.
Rendering of the access panel to the utilities closet in the galley of the TOPO2, a teardrop trailer.

2. The 8” deep passenger side compartment houses the 100-amp hour lithium battery, fuse block, water pump, and optional inverter. To access, simply remove the integrated table, slide out the adjustable cabinet dividers, and pop out the panel.

Where most teardrop trailers keep their batteries outside and exposed to the cold, which can lead to premature drainage, the TOPO2 houses its batteries inside. Run your air cooler, fire up your galley lights, and charge your devices days into the backcountry with TOPO2’s battery setup. The Utilities Closet gives “battery-life” a whole new meaning.

TOPO2’s 21-gallon water tank is also housed in an insulated compartment hidden behind the YETI Cooler. This means as long as your cabin temperature remains above freezing (easily accomplished with the standard Aqua-Hot Gen1 heater), you don’t have to worry about your tank freezing up overnight.

The Utilities Closet makes TOPO2 one of the most climate-durable teardrop trailers out there.

We are investing countless hours of thoughtful deliberation, engineering, and testing to make TOPO2 something truly special and unique from anything else on the teardrop trailer market. With every design aspect, every feature, and every detail, we’re raising the bar.

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