Teardrop camper being built in a small manufacturing facility.

Common Teardrop Trailer Myths, Busted!

By Jess VernonApril 19, 2022

Have you ever looked into purchasing a teardrop trailer and found lists of reasons not to buy? Well, Escapod is on the case. In this article, read along as we bust five common teardrop trailer myths and set the record straight!

1. Too Small? Not Family Friendly? We beg to differ!

Let’s start with a big one. Oftentimes you’ll hear that teardrop trailers are too small, too cramped, & not big enough for family camping.

Both Escapod Models are designed to accommodate individuals up to 6’ 7”, so there is plenty of legroom when you cuddle down for the night! With a Utah-queen in the Original TOPO and a true queen bed in TOPO2, there is enough space for two adults and even a little one (could be a kid or a furry companion) snuggled in there too. Since there's no risk of falling off the bed in a teardrop trailer, you can actually use more of the mattress space to sleep comfortably.

You’ve got more companions you’d like to bring along, you say? Well, it’s more than possible with some of our add-ons!

Option 1 - Rooftop Tent:

One add-on would be a rooftop tent, we have a traditional softcover model from FSR and hardshell options from iKamper. Depending on which you choose, this can increase sleeping capacity by another 2-4 people.

FSR softcover model on TOPO2FSR softcover model interior

A teardrop trailer (TOPO2) on display at an Overlanding event in California.

FSR softcover model on TOPO2

A couple laying in a rooftop tent mounted on top of a teardrop trailer.

FSR softcover model interior

Option 2 - Annex Room:

Looking for an enclosed space to stand up in? Look no further than the Annex Room. The Annex Room zips right onto the awning that comes standard with your personalized Escapod trailer build. It creates a fully-enclosed room (including a waterproof floor). You could even create an additional bedroom with air mattresses.

ROAM Awning attached to a Rubicon JEEP

Photo from ROAM of Annex Room

A group of women sitting around a fire in front of a teardrop camper.

Annex room and rooftop tent set up

Photo from ROAM of Annex RoomAnnex Room and Rooftop tent set up

With these choices, you’ll have more than enough room for your entire family or your whole group of friends to sleep. Not to mention, since you chose an Escapod teardrop trailer you’ll be able to wake up in incredible places that not every type of trailer can go. In addition, you’ll be able to fit your teardrop in your garage, you won’t need a big rig to tow, & you’ll get better gas mileage than with a big camper!

2. Wood-Based Teardrops are Bound to Rot or Rattle Apart? Not true!

Here at Escapod, we offer two models: the Original TOPO and the TOPO2. While the TOPO2 is our single-piece composite model, we still stand behind the classic wood and aluminum design of the Original TOPO!

This is because there are some misconceptions about the longevity of wood & aluminum trailers. The focus tends to be on the vulnerability of the materials used but fails to acknowledge how the construction process plays a role in serving as protection from the elements.

What’s unique about Escapod’s construction process is our interlocking cabinet structure with mortise & tenon joints, known for being one of the strongest woodworking joints. Mortise and tenon joints are difficult to make because of the amount of precision that is required, but the outcome is well worth it to our team. It allows for an attractive look while providing increased strength. This keeps the trailer square and increases the structural integrity of the trailer.

A craftsperson building a hatch for a teardrop camper.

As for the water-tightness of the roof - every seam on the trailer is sealed using butyl, waterproof tape, aluminum trim, and silicone. Not to mention, the additional layer of weather stripping that runs down the center of the aluminum trim. This prevents water from leaking into those seams and keeps the trailers' wood from ever being exposed to water. This type of construction does require some seasonal maintenance and upkeep to maximize the life of the trailer, but remember - a lot of boats are made of wood!

3. No Bathroom? No Problem!

A common misconception is that not having a bathroom on board is a con but we don't see it that way. Having a bathroom in your trailer means adding additional weight to your build. Plus, a bathroom means additional cleaning, which no one wants to do, especially while you are enjoying your getaway! Not to mention, having a toilet within a few feet of your head while you’re sleeping is far from enjoyable.

Unless you are opting for a 5th wheel, not having a bathroom on board is relatively common. While most of our team opts for digging a hole for an open-air deuce, we know that’s not for everyone. If you’d prefer to sit down to take care of your business, we recommend bringing along a portable toilet that happens to fit nicely in our tongue box. If you’re concerned about privacy, we recommend bringing a quick pop-up tent or utilizing the annex room add-on to create your own camp bathroom. 

With these solutions, you don’t have to add too much additional weight to your trailer & can avoid having smells lingering around where you rest.

4. A Longer Lead Time Isn’t Always a Bad Thing!

It’s common that when people see a longer lead time, it makes it feel like it’s not worth the wait! A longer lead time doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. When you have time to look at all the add-ons and chat through options with our Pod Pros, you can finalize your build with confidence. This ensures that you're building your dream trailer with everything you’ll need for your adventures and nothing you don't.

A teardrop camper with a rooftop tent deployed parked in near a lake and picnic table.

This lead time also allows us to live out our values of continuous improvement. Our team is constantly tweaking our builds and wants you to have a better trailer on the day you pick up than the day you order. We do this by constantly being open to innovations & improvements so we can continue in our pursuit to build the best damn camper known to man.

5. Financing is Complicated!

It’s been said that financing a teardrop trailer is complicated. While it might take a little extra navigating, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the financing process. We provide you with any necessary documentation that your bank may need to help get your pod financed and speak with your bank directly if needed!

While we don’t have in-house financing currently, our customers have had success working with Rock Solid Funding to finance their trailer builds. That said, many customers rely on previous relationships they’ve established with banks or credit unions to secure financing for their trailers.

If for any reason, your preferred financial institution needs to reach out to us directly for additional documentation, we are here to help! Our goal is to make financing accessible, so everyone can have the opportunity to have the trailer of their dreams.

A navy blue teardrop camper being towed through desert landscape by a Ford Bronco.

Well, that wraps it up– case closed….hopefully! If you have any questions about Escapod's offering of teardrop trailers, our Pod Pros would love to chat through it with you. Click this link to contact them directly.

If busting these myths left you ready to order your teardrop trailer, start building your Escapod today! Build Yours Now!

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A green TOPO2 fiberglass camping trailer is parked on a rocky outcropping with a backdrop of a red rock mesa in the distance.
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